8 Bengali Winter Sweets, Worth a Drool

BENGALURU: Summer and winter both are in extreme in Kolkata. By the end of autumn, as the wind is chilly and sun sets early, the people in this city gradually unveil their winter wardrobe. Woolen caps, warm shawls, socks and jackets become a need.

Along with clothes, the weather also affects the lifestyle of Kolkata. The local ‘adda’ (hangout) time shifts to afternoon and waking up in the morning comes late in schedule. The gastro city of course shows divert in food choices. From light diets, now it’s time for some spicy and rich gulps.

 The culinary taste of the city taken an absolute shift as ‘Nolen Gur’ appear in the markets. It’s a kind of date palm jaggery that is only available during winter. Culinary experts of the city have offered the best of winter desserts with the use of this jaggery. Bengalis don’t mind having this jaggery in its raw form also.

If that adds a reason for you to arrive at the City of Joy during winter months, then here are the eight desserts made using this nolen gur that should be in your culinary bouquet. They are indeed delicious, reports The Beacon Kolkata.

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