Top 10 Extremely Expensive Food In The World

Food that is really expensive or, food so items containing many ingredients, that you really can?t make the list of the components even after...

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9 Coolest Book Cafe's To Hang Out In India

A lot can happen over a cup of coffee, even a lot more can happen now a days with the book cafe culture which is gaining a steady popularity all...

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From Singoporean To Korean: Specialised Eat Outs In Bengaluru

This has led to the establishment of many apparel hubs, brand stores, departmental shops, restaurants, salons, fast food chains, theaters and gyms...

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Top 8 Newly Opened Restaurants In Bangalore

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Top 5 Trending Restaurants In Bangalore This Week

To serve the need of this diverse crowd in Bangalore, restaurants are mushrooming here and there.

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Invisible India At Global Food Fair

If India prides itself on being one of the largest producers of foods, vegetables and meat, there was nothing to be proud about the Indian pavilion at one of the world's largest food processing shows held in Paris this week.

A Taste Of Italy Up In Shimla Hills

SHIMLA: The Himachal Pradesh capital is now offering a platter of authentic taste of Italy -- an Italian thin crust, hand-rolled wood-fired pizz...

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Pulses Provide Easy-To-Cook Weight Loss Recipe: Study

Toronto: One full serving a day of beans, peas, chickpeas or lentils can increase fullness, which may lead to less food cravings and more weight...