From Singoporean To Korean: Specialised Eat Outs In Bengaluru

BANGALORE: Alike many other metropolitan cities, Bangalore is expanding. As migrants from other parts of the nation are penetrating in the city and the trade and commerce is rising rapidly, the city is growing big in size. In the process, certain new places are gaining more limelight due to its accessibilities, facilities and availabilities. One such example is Kamanahalli.

Kamanhalli was once an off-side unexplored region of the IT city at the cantonment areas of Cox town and Frazer Town. Traditional businessmen consider the clustering of out city students in this calm area at a point of time, marked the emergence of today’s urban Kamanahalli.

Retailers and businessmen are definitely targeting this zone to cater the needs the needs and necessities of the localites there. This has led to the establishment of many apparel hubs, brand stores, departmental shops, restaurants, salons, fastfood chains, theatres and gyms to come up in Kamanahalli.

While localites reach out to these places as per their needs and demands, few places that are getting public attention. All human beings love food and thus, localites too fetch for new places to eat within their geographical proximity than travelling far. Thus, restaurants are high victims of public hunt there. In such a scenario, three restaurants that are leading in the search of ethnic food lovers are as follows, reported by Rediff:

Chubalas Curry & Rice

Pocket Pinch – 500 for two

Offering Naga and Goanese cuisine, this venture of Richard Graham, a former director of food and beverages at ITC, and his wife, Chubala Graham is popular for their beef and pork platters. According to the couple, they are receiving a positive response from mainly the north eastern crowd, especially for their sea food. They consider Naga Thalli and fresh pork smoked in their tandoor as the signature dishes of the restaurant.  Other dishes that one can look for on a visit here are Rajah Mirchi Chutney and Naga Smoked Pork Thali. The less of publicity keeps the restaurant any time available for regular customers. The owner couple is also earning fame for their warm hospitality as customers reach their food joint.

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