10 Best Indian Restaurants Outside India

BANGALORE: All Indians grow up seeing the kitchen as center of buzz of their home. Mothers, aunts and grand aunts put their best efforts and ideas, to prepare the best of food for the family.

With changing times, the secrets and magic, aromas and appeals of these household kitchens expanded and took the form of restaurants. Modern Indians are busy adopting the fast western culture and in the process, both men and women lack the time in hand to invest in the kitchen to prepare some lip smacking cuisine. They prefer going out and culinary experts doing the traditional job and serving them hot platters. This trend is now high in the country of biriyani.

Similar development has happened to Indian cuisine abroad. To not let Indians abroad their own food and also to satisfy the growing curiosity among foreigners over the delight and delicacy of Indian food, Indian restaurants are growing in numbers outside the country.

With Listbuzz.com, here is a list of the top ten Indian restaurants that are setting glory beyond geography of the country:

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Top 10 Best Restaurants On The Globe