10 Best Indian Restaurants Outside India

Indus, London

Located at the edge of Banstead, this old restaurant has set its signature and recognition for the authentic Indian chicken curry it serves. Along with meat, chicken or fish based dishes they have ample palates of vegetables gravies and broths too. Their success story is more dependent on the warm welcome the team does to its customers, as a reflection of the hospitality that India is known for. As clusters accumulate to relive Indian food here, your parking or wait time might be long but the experience is worth a toast during your visit or stay at London.

Dawat, New York

Internationally famed Ms. Madhur Jaffrey is receiving prizes and awards for being the master mind behind this successful Indian venture in the city of New York. Of late, the New York magazine recognized this as “New York’s best and most creative Indian restaurant”. Other than authentic north and south Indian food, here you get fusion Indian palates that will sets alarm to the gastronomic urges of the customers. Indian thalis here have endless bowls around here. They are creating great hype of Indian cuisine in the U.S.A.

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Top 10 Best Restaurants On The Globe