Bad Habits That Make You Age Faster

By siliconindia   |   Tuesday, 29 November 2011, 00:02 IST
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Bangalore: You might be jealous of a friend who looks much younger than she actually is! Some women look just the way they did in college while a few others look almost a decade older! Experts tell us that wrinkles and mottled skin is usually caused due too much fun in the sun! Numerous other factors could be partners in crime for making you age faster like unhealthy diets, skimping on your exercise routines or not getting enough sleep. A few bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol might be setting you on the fast track to wrinkles, fine lines and an aged look!

Stay away from these saboteurs to stay younger, longer.


 Moderate drinking may be good for senior health but the quantity of “moderate” changes as you get older. Researchers say that more than one and half of one can be too much for an older man and woman respectively! Cognitive decline and falls can be caused due to excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol can also be a hindrance while on medication.




 Health isn’t the only thing that smoking has negative effects on; your looks are affected too! In addition to decreasing the years in your life by increasing your risk for heart and lung diseases, it activates enzymes that breakdown skin’s softness. The fine wrinkles and pallor is yet another reason to snuff out those smokes.

Crash Diets:

 Dropping a hurried ten pounds before a birthday or a much awaited special day or vacation is something that all of us have done. After all, quick fixes are tempting but never a good idea! Crash diets are never a long-time solution but in fact a long-term threat. It messes with your concentration, leaves you feeling distressed, irritable and depressed, also leaves your skin wrinkled and sagging because aging skin doesn’t have time to cope up the weight loss. Managing and controlling weight is important for senior health.

Skipping Fruits and Vegetables:

Though you need fewer calories as you get older and if you want a bounce in your step and age healthy - you need those calories from nutritious, good sources. Junk food or a meat and potato diet won’t do it! The best sources of nutrients are lots of colorful fruits and vegetables. Make sure to include fish and a healthy dose of Omega-3 fatty acids along with fiber.

Being a Couch Potato:

Regular physical activity is necessary for staying clear off heart diseases, to keep stress at bay and to prevent injuries that limit mobility and your dependence as a senior. Studies have shown that a thirty minute brisk walk thrice a week lowers your risk for a fall which is the leading cause of disabling injuries in seniors – so stop being a couch potato and get moving!