Ways to Make Water Less Boring

By siliconindia   |   Thursday, 24 November 2011, 23:52 IST
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Bangalore: We know water isn’t the most exciting drink in the world but it almost certainly is the healthiest – it controls body temperature, swills out toxins, helps digestion, balances blood sugar and lots more! There are myriad healthy reasons to swig your H2O but many people just don’t. We give you creative ideas on meeting your daily water dose more of a treat than a chore – whet your appetite for water!

Cube it Up:

 Make your ice cubes extra “cool” by throwing in pieces chunks of mint, cucumber or fresh fruits into the ice cubes or adding a dash of fruit crush in the ice tray to add in extra flavor. Drop fresh berries or sliced grapes into ice cube trays or throw in frozen berries as if they were cubes! Altering the texture of ice cubes can add in new flavors and even create new experiences.

Eat it Instead!

Almost twenty percent of our water needs are met by the food we eat. Fruits and vegetables have the highest percentages of water content. Cucumbers, celery, red cabbage, broccoli, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce contain more than ninety percent water. So stack up a water-filled plate of all these the next time you don’t feel like drinking water. Strawberries and water-melon are also overflowing with water!

Drink it up!

Sip on a cup of tea – it essentially is water infused with leaves and herbs – it is a great way of increasing intake of water without guzzling down plain. The good part is that you can play around with the flavors and tastes of tea to suit your mood - chamomile to relax before bed, green tea after a big meal (it helps your body burn fat), or ginger when you’re feeling sick to your stomach.

Switch Your Appetizer:

If you can’t take in another glass of water, have it for dinner in the form of soup! Bouillons, broths, and consommés are all water-based and serve as a great way to sneak in water. If you do not want to prepare or order it, and prefer going the canned way, buy low-sodium stuff and stay far away from soups containing cream – it adds extra fat and calories!


Make it Fruity :

Fruit infused water is the rage today. Its natural, leaves you feeling fresh and adds a fruity twist to the good ol’ water! Make your own at home by crashing lemons, limes or oranges right into the pitcher. If you prefer a berry taste, throw in raspberries, strawberries or watermelon.