Building Solid Cohesive Teams -By-Ajith J Pillai
By Ajith J Pillai - Founder President and CEO, Nous Infosystems.
Like all technology businesses, IT Services Companies are expected to demonstrate a capability to understand business problems and provide s...more>>
I took the road less traveled… that made all the difference!  -By-Vineet Nayar
By Vineet Nayar - CEO, HCL Technologies
It is not news to us that the fast paced industry growth is creating big discrepancy in the demand-supply of quality resources, and an impen...more>>
Providing the Total Customer Experience  -By-Naresh Wadhwa
By Naresh Wadhwa - President and Country Manager, Cisco Systems, India and SAARC
Organizations in India are making rapid strides on many fronts. However, along with this phenomenal growth come challenges and learning that...more>>
The Exciting World of Services Innovation  -By-Subramanyam GV
By Subramanyam GV - VP - Software Engineering and Technology Labs, Infosys Technologies
Governments of most developed countries are spending billions of dollars on innovation to improve the quality of life of their citizens as w...more>>
Believing in the India story -By-Sarv Saravanan
By Sarv Saravanan - V.P & M.D, India center of Excellence, EMC Corporation
Don’t try to control anything. The more you try to control something, the less you will have. Connect whatever you do to the larger purpo...more>>
Hi-tech manufacturing - an opportunity in waiting -By-Deepak Puri
By Deepak Puri - Chairman & Managing Director, Moser Baer
The Elephant has started to run'’, 'India is Shining', 'What's the India angle?', and other such expressions are becoming increasingly com...more>>
Is this the best time to be an Indian in America? -By-Tariq Khan
By Tariq Khan - Vice President - Market Development and Diversity, Nationwide Financial Services
The changing face of America is creating new opportunities We are living in a new environment today where the face of America is ch...more>>
An inspiring approach to bridging the gap -By-Gururaj
By Gururaj "Desh" Deshpande - Chairman, Sycamore Networks
India is one of the few places in the world where we have talent and at the same time a large marginalized population. This combination cre...more>>
The time is ripe for Indian product firms -By-Syed Ali
By Syed Ali - President & CEO, Cavium Networks.
While the transformation of India’s economy over the last few years—fueled mainly by the burgeoning IT sector—has been heartening, our...more>>
Think outside the box -By-Ambuj Goyal
By Ambuj Goyal - General Manager, IBM Information Management Software.
As the IT industry enters the Information on Demand era, the role of the researcher is rapidly evolving to meet a convergence of new challen...more>>
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