By Kanwar Chadha - Founder & Vice President of Marketing, SiRF Technology
India of today is very different from the India I left in 1981. In those days we had a lot to talk about our glorious history and maybe Indi...more>>
By Rajesh Shetty - President, Suggestica and Chairman, iPolipo
People say that we have only scratched the surface of what’s possible in India’s IT sector. This may be true. The changes so far have be...more>>
By Arun Netravali - Managing Partner, OmniCapital Group, LLC President (Emeritus), Bell Labs
It was over 30 years ago when I wrote my first technical article on video compression. It has taken a long time to realize the dreams we in ...more>>
By Navin Chadda - Managing Director, Mayfield Fund
It’s hard not to feel a tremendous sense of optimism about India’s economic future considering the dramatic pace at which India is progr...more>>
By Bharat Desai - Chairman & CEO, Syntel
Indian entrepreneurship is second to none and activity levels are at an all time high. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2006...more>>
By Vic Kulkarni - President & CEO, Sequence Design
Many economists predict that China and India will be the next superpowers by 2045. But will the world give India and its culture the respect...more>>
By S.Somasegar - Corporate Vice President, Developer Division, Microsoft
Bill Gates had visited India for the first time in March 1997 to analyze India’s potential as it relates to IT development. He visited sev...more>>
By Vinod Dham - Executive Managing Director, NEA-IndoUS Ventures
Congratulations on our country’s 60th birthday, a middle age by traditional measures for us humans, for India it is the start of its youth...more>>
By Sanjay Singh - Founder & President of GlobalLogic
Technology companies should not build software! Strange as it may sound, a technology company’s core competency should exclude bui...more>>
By Shantanu Narayen - President & CEO, Adobe Systems
In the ten years that Adobe has operated in India, we have witnessed a profound evolution in the software industry there - an evolution that...more>>
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