By Manu Mehta - Founder & CEO, Metabyte
How big is India? That was an easy question to answer when I was growing up in Punjab - “India stretched from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.” ...more>>
By Sharad Sharma - CEO, Yahoo! India R&D
Can you ignore the ’emerging markets’ anymore? No. Not, if you have anything to do with Internet users. After all, it’s impossible to ...more>>
By Steve Sanghi - Chairman, President & CEO, Microchip Technology
When I came to the U.S.A. in 1976, the American electronics industry was experiencing a rapid growth. The large companies of today, such as ...more>>
By Anand Chandrasekher - Senior Vice President, Intel.
I want to be an astro-physicist” — those words reverberate with focus, aspiration and ambition. Fantastic attributes for a graduating s...more>>
By Vinod Khosla - Founder & CEO, Khosla Ventures.
Based on the interview given exclusively to siliconinida. In the last fifteen years, IT has played a dominant role in giving Indi...more>>
By Jagadish Dalal - Managing Director, J Dalal Associates
It has been less than a decade since the “offshore” revolution shook India and the world. India rode the wave of Y2K, created an indust...more>>
By Dev Ittycheria - President & CEO, BladeLogic
On the afternoon of July 25th, two siliconindians rang the Nasdaq closing bell to mark the closing of the US stock market. That day also sig...more>>
By Jayshree V Ullal - Senior Vice President / General Manager, Cisco
When I first flew across the seas with my family to the U.S.—I was apprehensive of how an Indian girl would fare in the high-technology ar...more>>
By Umang Gupta - Chairman & CEO, Keynote Systems.
I began my career in the sales division of IBM, one of many Indian Americans of my generation that applied our expertise in engineering, sal...more>>
By Venkatesh Roddam - CEO, Nipuna Services
The global process offshoring industry is transforming the Indian Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Globally, corporates are adop...more>>
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