India’s potential lies in her IT reaching out to the masses -By-Narayana Murthy
By Narayana Murthy - Chairman & Chief Mentor, Infosys Technologies.
It was with the dawning of the Y2K problem that the West woke up to the potential of Indian IT. In itself, the Y2K crunch did not involve mu...more>>
A richer future for India?  -By-Vivek Ranadive
By Vivek Ranadive - Chairman & CEO, TIBCO Software
It is no secret that India has experienced impressive growth in the last decade, as the global marketplace has driven demand for IT and busi...more>>
Where’s India’s Bell Labs? -By-Dr.Santanu Das
By Dr.Santanu Das - President and CEO, TranSwitch Corp.
If we look at the electronics industry, there have been three fundamental innovations in the last 100 years - the development of vacuum tube...more>>
Rise of an entrepreneurial India -By-Gunjan Sinha
By Gunjan Sinha - Chairman, & MetricStream.
As I reflect on the opportunities for India Inc, having been personally a part of the last 15 years of entrepreneurial wave, I believe India...more>>
Mid sized IT companies: Recipe for success -By-Atul Nishar
By Atul Nishar - Founder & Chairman, Hexaware Technologies.
Independent India is 60 years old, and for an average Indian this usually is an age to retire; sit back and enjoy the pension. But not the n...more>>
A trillion atoms, one percent of your dollars, and please be selfish -By-Navneet S Chugh
By Navneet S Chugh - Founder & CEO, The Chugh Firm.
The future looks bright for the three million non-resident Indians in the U.S. If you have doubts, then look at the odds. Would you bet agai...more>>
India, the emerging high tech superpower -By-Sanjay K Jha
By Sanjay K Jha - COO, QUALCOMM & President, QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies.
I remember when, as a child, I was once playing cricket with some of my friends in our front yard one of my friends hit a “six”, a well-...more>>
India’s second Independence -By-Jagdish. N Seth
By Jagdish. N Seth - Professor of Marketing, Goizueta Business School, Emory University
While India’s political freedom is 60 years old, its economic freedom is only 16 years old. It took birth in 1991, when the government aba...more>>
A Bizarre Political Idea -By-Sashi Reddi
By Sashi Reddi - Founder, Chairman & CEO, AppLabs.
In a recent survey it was reported that while India has made great progress in business and science, the one area that people continue to be...more>>
Indian IT services scene: Some future trends -By-V K Magapu
By V K Magapu - Chief Executive, L&T Infotech; and Member of the Board, L&T
Indian IT services scene today means many things to many people. While the Indian IT services companies continue to enjoy their current grow...more>>
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