By Anjan Lahiri - President and Co-CEO, IT Services, MindTree
And that would be completely wrong. What we seek always is fulfillment and happiness and according to the Economist magazine true happiness ...more>>
By Bobby Singh - CEO & President,Cellspin
CellSpin is a provider of graphical user interface in mobiles for capturing images, audio, video, and text and publishing and enabling us...more>>
By Srini Dharmaji - CEO, GoldSpot Media.
GoldSpot Media delivers ad-serving solutions for mobile operators and content providers. The privately funded company is headquartered in...more>>
By Shankar Narayanan - CEO, Spime
Spime is a technology provider and a development partner for companies in the GPS, Navigation, Identification, and Near Field Communicati...more>>
By Jagdish Dalal - Managing Director, Thought Leadership, IAOP
Even though Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is becoming common place, and many service providers are competing in the marketplace, there ...more>>
By Pravin Desale - Managing Director - India operations, LSI Corporation
Effect of Effective Leaders I believe that every leader needs to personally grow and acquire new talent as the business and the...more>>
By Raju Vegesna - CEO, Sify
One often finds that passion is something associated with the liberal arts and fields such as advertising, publishing, singing and theatre. ...more>>
By Vijay Basani - CEO & Co-Founder, EIQ networks
While the older threats continue to prevail, newer types of sophisticated threats, attacks, and breaches are evolving. In the last 18 months...more>>
By Isaac Sundarajan - President and CEO, GDA Technologies & Executive Vice President L&T Infotech
Traditionally, the security trend has been reactive. Typically, after a product or major software system has been released and deployed engi...more>>
By S Ramdorai - CEO, TCS
It is a myth that entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial skills are limited to those people starting companies. I believe entrepreneurship is a...more>>
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