Leadership is about Respect and Rotation -By-Shan Ponnambalam
By Shan Ponnambalam - Head of Operations, Applied Materials India
It is easy to sermonize about leadership, and it is easier to do that - dole out duties and responsibilities to a team that works under you....more>>
Evolving domestic market: Growth Driver for Indian electronics industr... -By-Azim Premji
By Azim Premji - Chairman, Wipro
Electronic product evolution in India: In the 70s and early 80s, the public sector companies such as Bharat Electronics and later p...more>>
A Meditation on   Winning Habits -By-Dr. Santanu Paul
By Dr. Santanu Paul - Vice President, Global Delivery Operations
The last decade has seen engineers of all dispositions gravitating towards IT - like bees towards fresh blossom. Everyone knows that the pro...more>>
Ready, Willing, and Enabled -By-Neelam Dhawan
By Neelam Dhawan - Managing Director, HP India
This article was written when she was working with Microsoft India as Managing Director The last few decades have seen a phenomen...more>>
Green, The Way to Go -By-Ram Sudireddy
By Ram Sudireddy - Founder, President and CEO, CHiL Semiconductor
The cost of building a system on chip at lower geometries like 65 or 45 nanometer is very high. This is becoming a major impediment for inve...more>>
Beat the Slump by Thinking Offshore -By-Ravi Thummarukudy
By Ravi Thummarukudy - Vice President and General Manager of the IC Solutions Division, GDA Technologies
Successful business strategies are often designed in response to rapidly changing business conditions and therefore need to be dynamic. We'r...more>>
Head: Peering Over the Event Horizon -By-Ram Menon
By Ram Menon - Executive Vice President, Worldwide Marketing, TIBCO
As human beings we intuitively understand the importance of events. But in an IT environment, understanding business events – and analysin...more>>
Making the World a Cleaner, Better and Smarter Place -By-Jan Money
By Jan Money - Senior Vice President, Freescale Semiconductor
There are three major trends that will dramatically impact all of our businesses. First, there is the global movement to green everything. E...more>>
Wanted - Entrepreneurs in a large semiconductor company -By-Dinesh Ramanathan
By Dinesh Ramanathan - Executive Vice President, Data Communications Division, Cypress Semiconductor
All large semiconductor companies look for entrepreneurs within their workforce and try to create an environment to nurture entrepreneurial ...more>>
Challenges to start a technology company from India -By-Ram Gopalan
By Ram Gopalan - Managing Director, Argusoft America
Silicon Valley, California has been the hotbed of entrepreneurs since the Fairchild days and it continues to be so, as measured by the numbe...more>>
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