The next level of growth for IP  -By-Sanjay Srivastav
By Sanjay Srivastav - CEO, Denali Software
As the complexity of chips has skyrocketed, the responsibility for software, especially hardware-sensitive software, has moved from the syst...more>>
Opportunities Galore for Semiconductors  -By-Sid Agrawal
By Sid Agrawal - CEO and Director, SiPort.
The cost of building a system on chip at lower geometries like 65 or 45 nanometer is very high. This is becoming a major impediment for inve...more>>
The convergence effect - its challenges and oppurtunities -By-Devadas Varma
By Devadas Varma - Chairman and Founder, Calypto Design Systems
Hardware design and Software development used to be disciplines so far apart in nature that I have often heard them described as different a...more>>
Low-cost, low-power silicon  -By-Balaji Baktha
By Balaji Baktha - CEO, InSilica
Unlike in the past when IT spends of enterprises and telecom companies determined semiconductor industry’s future, the growth of the indus...more>>
Innovation:The emerging East to West model -By-Dr. Krishna Mikilineni
By Dr. Krishna Mikilineni - Managing Director, Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab.
India is increasingly being looked towards for providing strategic innovation needed in serving not only the local consumers but also the gl...more>>
Digitization driving rapid analog growth -By-Biswadip (Bobby) Mitra
By Biswadip (Bobby) Mitra - Managing Director, Texas Instruments India
It comes across as a paradox. It may sound counter-intuitive to some. But it is a reality that as the world becomes more digital, the more i...more>>
The Empires of the Mind -By-Vikram Shah
By Vikram Shah - President - India Operations, NetApp.
In a knowledge economy, the generation and exploitation of knowledge is the predominant source of wealth creation. Hence, currently a lot of...more>>
Do not treat All your employees the Same -By-Sridhar Jayanthi
By Sridhar Jayanthi - Vice President of Engineering and Head of India Operations, McAfee
All of us have aspirations and goals. In my opinion, given the right work environment and management style, everyone will strive for high pe...more>>
Notes from my heart on leadership! -By-Arun Subramony
By Arun Subramony - Vice President - Global Delivery, UST Global.
Leaders ‘by design’ are visionaries and almost always inspire their teams or followers. Beyond vision and inspiration, successful leader...more>>
Focus on 3 'S's for Ace Performance! -By-Makarand Teje
By Makarand Teje - President & COO, AppLabs.
Are you a Smart Techie? How many of us ask ourselves this prodding question regularly? For all those who are looking out to evolve strategie...more>>
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