Tips To Boost Your App Visibility

Getting your app listed in the featured category is no joke. An upsurge in unabating demand for mobile applications can be witnessed worldwide. With over 4.5 million apps available on the App Store and Google Play Store, the most viable and budget-friendly way to enhance the visibility of your app is to upskill your knowledge and do some things right. So, are you ready to learn 6 powerful tricks that will help you grab the eyeballs of your audience?

Focus on App Store Optimization
Want users to move their thumb on the install button with the very first glance they have on your application? If the answer is yes, you must know that gaining the attention of your potential users towards any app requires a high visibility score. It would be best if you allowed them to have that first glance before installing the application. There might be no magical formula apart from creating your own formula by App Store Optimization. App Store Optimization is a vital strategy to increase mobile apps' downloads and increase the app's visibility. In other words, App Store Optimization lets your app rank higher as compared to all the other apps out there. All the relevant keywords should help your pop the most in the App Store.

Perfection only exists in imagination, but improvement is what one should seek. App Store Optimization is not a one-time fix; it's a constant process of evolving with time. This process obliges you to frequently analyze and upgrade the keywords that would leave your competitors behind. Monitor your App Store's page views to keep a constant eye on the download conversion rate and improve it by regular testing and updates.

App name length
Selecting a creative name for your app has no restriction but the number of characters that you can use for the name certainly does. Google Play Store restricts an app name to be up to 50 characters only. Thus, to level up the visibility of your app, you need to turn on your creative mind to come up with a short, simple, and sassy name to draw a picture of your app in the user’s mind. You need to ensure that the app name always stays under 50 characters to avoid your android app getting ignored by the Google Play Store and making it invisible to the users.

Influencing is an art, and it can't be performed forcefull

On the other hand, iOS App Store also restricts its app name to 30 characters, making it even harder to improve the ranking positions of your app. It's always better to select a short and crisp name capable of increasing the application visibility within the app store.

Complete App listing
Your app list helps create a clear image of what the application is about. Adding an app icon, screenshots, and other details is a significant step that encourages the prospects to download your app. The human brain thinks in images and not in words, making the application icon an indispensable part of the list. An icon that's responsive to the change in screen sizes reflects your app's identity needs to be simple and to the point.

Integrating screenshots and video materials into your app list may not be a compulsory addition. Still, it does affect the app visibility directly, and they surely help you boost the downloads. The pictures and videos reflecting the essential features and benefits offer a sneak-peak to the app's working.

Influencers are important
Influencing is an art, and it can't be performed forcefully. Influencing should be smooth and quick, both of which can be experienced on social media. Social media influencers play an essential role in raising your app's visibility in the App Store and Google Play Store. An influencer is a person who impacts other people's choices on various social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and others. As they already have public attention, shifting that attention to your product is an easy task for them. Influencer app marketing involves getting your app reviewed and tested by these folks, creating a positive image of your app for your target customer. These actions create curiosity about your app and increase the downloads and enhance visibility.

Rate, Review and Roll
Reviews and recommendations of other people build trust among new users. Encouraging your users to write down an honest review of your app is the source of innovation and improvement. Positive reviews strengthen the relationship between the app and the user and boost the relationship with the App Store. The App Store always considers positive reviews critical for validating an app's quality, which leads to improvement in its ranking. Good reviews and ratings push your app to the list of "most trending." Sending a periodic notification is a great way to remind your users how important it is to review the application.

In-App Marketing
People using apps are more likely to download more apps. So, placing an ad for your app in another app could be a game-changer. If you could place your advertisement in apps like yours,it’s more likely to lead the user to your app.Moreover, 96% of Internet users in India have mobile phones, whereas only 56% own laptops or desktop computers.So, In-app marketing is a great way to boost app visibility amongst users. It offers you the opportunity to engage with your users with personalized, meaningful, and highly relevant messages as mobile ad spend have grown by 38% from 2020 to 2021.

Affiliate Marketing
Boosting your app visibility by offering an incentive on each download to the affiliate partners is a great way to boost your app’s popularity. You could create a short link that lands a user on your app. Affiliate marketing helps tremendously in boosting your app visibility. You could offer monetary benefits to the promoters through an affiliate program. Adding affiliate marketing in your strategy to enhance the visibility of your application is another gem of an idea. It increases the passive traffic to your application as other marketers and influencers are working for you.

An expert or a team of people who can perform all the above steps correctly could bring significant growth in your app's visibility, leading to increased downloads. It doesn't matter how many new apps are being launched on the App Store every day; if you follow the basics right,your app will be visible to your users. A pivotal point to remember-App Store Optimization is the key to survive in the current world of mobile apps.