Appstle: Rethinking E-commerce Customer Retention with Advanced Functionalities

Rakshithaa Mahesh, Co-Founder & CEO, Hemant Purswani, Co-Founder & CTO

Online and e-commerce consumers today seek personalized experiences and seamless interactions across channels, making customer loyalty and retention a top priority for businesses to flourish. Addressing this need is Appstle
, a premier B2B SaaS company that reshapes customer retention in online retail, across product categories. Through cutting-edge software solutions, the firm empowers digital vendors, notably on Shopify and Shopify Plus platforms, to deliver unparalleled shopping experiences, resulting in amplified profits.

Central to Appstle’s capabilities is its in-depth comprehension of challenges that e-commerce players encounter when creating advanced functionalities to achieve their desired business models, use cases, and customer value. These functionalities include essential e-commerce elements such as incorporating a subscription-based buying model into the business, comprehensive technical support, a friction-free shopping experience, and a sharp focus on customer retention and CLTV. While behemoths like Amazon and Walmart can afford an arsenal of engineers to build and maintain these capabilities, other players (even relatively large retailers) encounter difficulties with limited resources. Appstle bridges this gap by offering three exceptional products that cater to the needs of smaller e-commerce merchants, namely ‘Appstle Subscriptions’, ‘Appstle Memberships’, and ‘Appstle Loyalty and Rewards’.
“We build sophisticated features that enhance subscription for products and services, membership, and loyalty program functionalities, enabling merchants to achieve strong revenue, profit, brand value, and exceptional customer experiences,” says Rakshithaa (Ria) Mahesh, co-founder and CEO of Appstle.

Similar to Amazon’s ‘Subscribe and Save’, ‘Appstle Subscriptions’ enables merchants to offer subscription-based solutions with customizable payment options. Whether it is physical goods or digital content, this comprehensive tool provides convenience for both sellers and customers.

Inspired by Amazon’s ‘Prime membership’, the ‘Appstle Membership’ allows merchants to create exclusive member plans tailored to individual preferences. Businesses can use this product to foster high levels of customer loyalty while boosting revenue streams.

The firm’s latest product, ‘Appstle Loyalty and Rewards,’ focuses on customer loyalty and retaining their attention in the face of numerous alternatives in today’s e-commerce market. This functionality allows merchants to implement comprehensive loyalty programs, rewards points, and referral incentives across industries, from airlines to credit cards, significantly increasing the customer lifetime value (CLTV) and overall customer experience.

Appstle has a dedicated merchant success team consisting of highly qualified engineers who provide 24/7 hands-on assistance to help clients resolve any technical issues. Whether it is troubleshooting obstacles or understanding complex coding requirements, the company ensures that merchants receive the necessary guidance to maximize their product’s potential.

The firm also follows a step-by-step onboarding procedure to provide merchants with product access. They can find the ‘Appstle Subscription App’ through the Shopify app store and Appstle’s website and install the app to sign up. During the onboarding process, merchants configure payment processors, define order management preferences, and integrate widgets into their unique website themes.
“This comprehensive methodology, along with our 24/7 technical support, ensures that merchants have a smooth transition into Appstle’s ecosystem,” adds Hemant Purswani, cofounder and CTO of Appstle.

We build sophisticated features that enhance subscription for products and services, membership, and loyalty program functionalities, enabling merchants to achieve strong revenue, profit, brand value, and exceptional customer experiences

There are several merchant success stories that illustrate Appstle’s proficiency in uplifting merchants’ experience. In one such instance, Appstle enabled a meal-prep merchant to transition from one-time purchases to a subscription-based model, resulting in significant growth for the merchant, now a well-known name in North America. Employing the subscription-based model, the merchant witnessed their monthly revenue exceed a million dollars in a very minimal span of time. Their shift to subscriptions allowed them to retain customers and alleviate high customer acquisition costs amidst increasing competition.

Appstle’s consistent commitment to supporting e-commerce businesses has driven an upward trend regarding the number of merchants as clients, employees, and geographical locations under its purview over the years. Remarkably, its client base surged from around 8000 in mid-2022 to more than 20,000 merchants in mid-2023 at the time of writing this article. Together with its highly coveted offerings that work natively with Shopify and Shopify Plus, Appstle stands out as a frontrunner in seamless customer retention for global e-commerce merchants.