• 100 Most Promising Companies Founded Or Managed By Indians In The U.S

    From Silicon Valley to academic institutions nationwide, Indian professionals and entrepreneurs have left a lasting mark in the US. Their ventures, often at the forefront of technology, have shaped numerous industrial sectors and become synonymous with innovations that define the region’s spirit. The impact transcends beyond technological innovations. Indian immigrants have excelled as skilled professionals across diverse sectors like medicine, finance, engineering, and management, enhancing the competitiveness and success of these fields. Furthermore, Indians also play a pivotal role in job creation and consumer spending. Indianowned businesses generate employment opportunities and contribute to the economic growth of local communities. While celebrating the economic achievements of Indian immigrants, we celebrate the essence of America—a nation propelled forward by the collective energy, talent, and dreams of individuals from every corner of the globe. The story of Indian immigrants in the US is a testament to the transformative impact on the region’s economic prosperity. In this edition of SiliconIndia, we applaud the inspiring journeys of Indian entrepreneurs and leaders who have created and propelled companies that have flourished in the fiercely competitive US market. We acknowledge that their contributions are about their success and shaping the American dream. Our panel of accomplished founders, CXOs, and VCs, along with SiliconIndia’s editorial team, has curated a list of the most promising companies founded or managed by Indians in the US to assist you in locating the best-in-class solutions and services for your business. We also present you with thought leadership articles and industry insights by expert CXOs like Kumar Singirikonda, Director – DevOps Engineering, Toyota North America; Ketan Palicha, CIO at AGC Automotive Americas; and Poonam Chauhan, Head of Technology Operations, Moto Hospitality, among others. We hope that these exclusive insights and the diverse solutions featured in this edition help you make well-informed decisions for the growth and success of your business. Let us know your thoughts.

100 Most Promising Companies Founded Or Managed By Indians In The U.S

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
93 East Capital Manoj Ramnani, CFA, Founder and Chief Investment Officer 93 East Capital is an investment fund focused on thematic macro strategies, strategically deploying capital across various asset classes according to its macro perspectives. Utilizing both top-down and bottom-up analyses, it identifies optimal investment opportunities for its clientele. The fund also employs hedging techniques and evaluates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings to mitigate risks and bolster investment returns.
AccuKnox Nat Natraj, CEO and Co-Founder AccuKnox guides organizations on a journey towards zero trustsecurity in the era of rising cloud-based operations.In the context of runtime security, it adopts a proactive enforcement strategy rather than a reactive one. This entails the mitigation of attack vectors prior totheir execution, rather than post-execution, to ensure comprehensive Zero Trustsecurity posture.
AIDAS TECHNOLOGIES Hari Swaminathan, CEO & Managing Principal AIDAS TECHNOLOGIES is a full stack data analytics firm, dedicated to delivering advanced technology and services that effectively tackle complex business challenges. Its team of experts uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to provide in-depth insights and customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of its clients.
Appstle Rakshithaa Mahesh, Co-Founder & CEO, Hemant Purswani, Co-Founder & CTO Appstle is a leading B2B SaaS company based in Menlo Park, California, that is transforming e-commerce customer retention. Through its suite of innovative software tools and apps, the firm enables online merchants, particularly those on Shopify, to provide exceptional shopper experiences while generating more revenue.
Compiify Kapil Gupta, CEO & Co-Founder Compiify provides an advanced compensation management platform, simplifying pay decisions for organizations. Using an AI-driven platform, it empowerscompanies to efficiently attract, hire, and retain employees.
Empereal Arun Subramony, Founder Chairman and CEO Since 2011, Empereal has been deeply involved in R & D, Development and ommissioning of solar projects. The company aims to create a deep social impact that will improve the quality of life and sustainability of industrial, commercial and rural communities.
Equal Innovation Nish Acharya, CEO Equal Innovation is a global organization that connects emerging researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs with the resources and partnerships they need to achieve maximum impact.
Granica Rahul Ponnala, Co-Founder and CEO Granica is an AI research and systems company helping enterprises leverage AI efficiently and safely. Its mission is to make AI 10,000x better. They believe data is the first-mile problem to solve in this mission.
Harness Sri Ramalingam, SVP of Engineering Harness aims to enable every software engineering team in the world to deliver code reliably, efficiently and quickly to their users. Harness offers a comprehensive platform equipped with eight modules designed to streamline and optimize the entire software development and delivery process.
Ignition Karthik Suresh, Co-Founder and CPTO Ignition’s GTM Ops platform is an indispensable tool that empowers businesses to maximize the revenue impact of every product launch or feature release by aligning product, marketing, and sales teams around new market initiatives with a single AI-powered suite for the end-to-end product development lifecycle.
Innova Vascular Dr. Sanjay Shrivastava, Founder and CEO Innova Vascular, a cutting-edge medical device company, pioneers minimally invasive solutions for arterial and venous thromboembolism. Its innovative product portfolio, featuring the Laguna Clot Retriever System and Malibu Aspiration Catheter,offers transformative interventions for life-threatening conditions.
Optimum Info Arvind Verma, CEO Optimum Info specializes in innovative business solutions for Automotive, Power Sports, Equipment, and Machinery manufacturers. Collaborating globally, the company develops user-centric software solutions in dealer network management and after sales operations, covering warranty, service, and parts.
Paragon Management Group Sanjay Shah, President Founded in January 2005, Paragon Management Group (PMG) is a certified minority business enterprise (MBE) in New York City and State, providing transformative solutions to public/nonprofit sectors through an array of management, financial, accounting, auditing, and technology consulting services.
Reltiva Ravi Krishnamurthy, Founder and CEO Reltiva offers a transformative approach to project-based service organizations through automation of their order-to-cash processes. It presents a software-as-a-service solution designed specifically for IT services, business consulting, legal services, engineering, advertising, and other project-based service companies.
Sandeza Prabhu Shankar, CEO & Co-Founder Sandeza aims to play a key role in the technology revolution sweeping the global business world. They are a business-oriented, customer-centric Technology solutions company. Leveraging their experience in cloud & data analytics technologies, they help businesses build intelligent analytics and communication systems.
TheCloudPartner Jaikumar Lalwani, Co-founder, Huey Chiu (Janet), Co-founder TheCloudPartner is a boutique consulting firm offering services from strategy to execution, partnering with organizations, and helping with digital transformation initiatives. It specializes in digital and change management projects, ranging from business process improvement, customer relationship management, digital marketing, website redesign, and e-commerce implementation.
Accel Digital Harpreet Singh​, Founder & CEO Accel-Digital is a leading advertising services company that offers a wide range of ad operations support services, including campaign management, ad trafficking, ad operations reporting, and more. The company helps organisations achieve their advertising objectives by providing them with the tools and expertise they need to succeed in today's competitive marketplace.
AccelESG Sanjay Kommera, CEO AccelESG is a collaborative partner for businesses throughout their sustainability journey, from the initiating understanding to the practical implementation, regulatory compliance, and problem resolution. It guides customers through every step of auditing carbon emissions, fostering collaborative ecosystems, and establishing value chains.
Alcoa Corporation William F. Oplinger, President and Chief Executive Officer Alcoa is a global industry leader in bauxite, alumina, and aluminium products. The company is also committed to sustainability, and they are working to develop new technologies and processes that will reduce their environmental impact. Alcoa is developing new methods of smelting aluminium that use less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
Arista Networks Jayshree Ullal, CEO Arista Networks is an industry leader in data-driven, client-tocloud networking for large data centre, campus and routing environments. The company delivers products across the data centre and campus with routing and software solutions for monitoring and network detection and response worldwide.
BlackRock Larry Fink, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer BlackRock is one of the world’s leading providers of investment, advisory and risk management solutions. BlackRock manages a wide range of investment portfolios for individuals, institutions, and governments. The company provides risk management services to help investors assess and manage their investment risks.
Blue Arcus Technologies Naren Yanamadala, President & CEO Blue Arcus Technologies specialize in being a trusted core network provider dedicated to delivering high-quality, reliable and scalable mobile network solutions. They aim to empower businesses with cutting-edge Private 5G networks and Fixed Wireless ccess (FWA) solutions.
Boston Consulting Group Christoph Schweizer, Chief Executive Officer Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global management consulting firm that partners with leaders in business and society to tackle their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities. The company offer a wide range of services, business strategy, digital transformation, design, corporate and digital ventures.
Brandscapes Pranesh Misra, Chairman & Managing Director Brandscapes is a business consulting and services company that specialises in marketing consultancy, marketing research, advertising strategy, and brand marketing strategy. The company helps businesses develop and implement marketing strategies that are designed to achieve their desired results.
C HIT Dr. Srivasavi (sri) Chaganti, Founder, CEO and President C-HIT is an innovative Health Information Technology (HIT) software development and consulting company that specialises in providing comprehensive HIT solutions to help healthcare organisations achieve their goals of creating a healthier future. The company provides consulting services to help healthcare organisations implement, optimise, and use their HIT systems effectively.
Cadence Design Systems Anirudh Devgan, PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer Cadence is a software development company that specialises in electronic systems design. The company offers a suite of software tools for electronic systems design, including electronic design automation (EDA) tools, circuit simulation tools, and physical verification tools.
Caterpillar David L. Calhoun, President and Chief Executive Officer Caterpillar is a machinery manufacturing company that specialises in construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and diesel-electric locomotives. The company offers a wide range of construction equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, motor graders, and wheel loaders.
CDW Christine Leahy, CEO CDW is a business IT solutions & services company. The company offers a wide range of products and services, including hardware, software, IT solutions, and brands. They also offer IT asset management services to help businesses manage their IT investments.
Centific Venkat Rangapuram, Chief Executive Officer Centific is a global digital and technology services company that designs, builds and optimises human-centric intelligent digital platforms. They offer a variety of services and solutions, including AI Data Localisation, Digital Safety, Growth Marketing, Safe AI, and Generative AI.
ChampionX Sivasankaran (""Soma"") Somasundaram, President & Chief Executive Officer ChampionX is a global leader in chemistry solutions, artificial lift systems, and highly engineered equipment and technologies that help companies drill for and produce oil and gas safely, efficiently, and sustainably around the world. The company offers chemistry programs and services for upstream and midstream operations.
Chevron Corporation Michael K. (Mike) Wirth, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Chevron Corporation is a global energy company that produces and markets lower-carbon energy, such as natural gas, hydrogen, and methane. The company supply gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and other transportation fuels to customers around the world.
CK Group Of Company Chiragkumar Patel, Founder & Director CK Group Of Company is an information and technology Company with a Keen Developers Team in Artificial Intelligence Development. The company provides information and communication technology solutions and services for various sectors, such as education, healthcare, banking, government, and more.
CloudFrame Venkat Pillay, CEO CloudFrame is a company that provides software products that automate the modernization of COBOL applications into cloud-native Java. The company offer two main products, CloudFrame Relocate and CloudFrame Renovate, that help customers reduce their mainframe costs, mitigate risk, and achieve results in months.
Constient Global Solutions Allabaksh, Chief Executive Officer Constient is a software development company that provides data-led transformation solutions and services for various industries, such as education, healthcare, banking, and The company help clients make informed and data-driven decisions by analysing data sets from various sources and providing insights and visualisations.
Crawford & Company Rohit Verma, Chief Executive Officer Crawford & Company is a global provider of claims management solutions. The company offers a variety of services to help businesses and individuals recover from losses, including loss adjusting, third-party administration, managed repair, medical management, on-demand inspections, and catastrophe response.
Cushman & Wakefield Michelle M. MacKay, Chief Executive Officer Cushman & Wakefield is a global commercial real estate services firm that helps clients find, buy, lease and sell properties, as well as provide project and development services. The company provide valuation, appraisal, and consulting services for various types of properties and purposes, such as financing, taxation, litigation, and portfolio management.
DACK Consulting Aleksandra Chancy, founder DACK Consulting is a company that provides a wide range of construction consulting services to various clients, such as agencies, municipalities, developers, architects, construction managers, and general contractors. The company monitors and oversee the progress, quality, safety, and compliance of construction projects, from the planning phase to the postoccupancy phase.
Deere & Company John C. May, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Deere & Company Deere & Company is a global company that manufactures and markets agricultural, construction, forestry, and turf equipment, as well as provides financial and technology services. The company produce a wide range of tractors for various applications, such as utility, speciality, row crop, and compact tractors.
Diageo Debra Crew, CEO Diageo is a global company that produces and markets alcoholic beverages, such as spirits, beer, and wine. The company offer a range of products and services, such as Brands, Markets, Innovation, sustainability and more.
Doctus Rama Krishna Tummala, Founder & CEO Doctus is a company that provides various services and solutions for the healthcare, insurance, and IT sectors. The company help clients with medical records sorting, summarisation, review, and transcription, using their expertise and technology. They help clients with medical coding, billing, and revenue cycle management, using their certified and experienced coders and billers.
Ebix Robin Raina, CEO Ebix is a company that provides software solutions and services for the insurance, financial, and healthcare industries. The company help various entities involved in the insurance industry, such as carriers, brokers, agents, and regulators, with end-to-end solutions ranging from infrastructure exchanges, risk compliance, and policy administration to claims management and customer service.
Edifecs Rod O’Reilly, Chairman of the Board Edifecs is a leading healthcare technology company with the mission to improve healthcare outcomes, reduce costs and accelerate innovation. They deliver a single point solution to connect to all information exchange partners and to ingest, correlate and optimize digital health data.
Enhancesys Atul Chopra, President & Founder Enhancesys provides software solutions and services for the telecom industry. They help telecom operators and service providers with operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS), such as billing, customer care, provisioning, inventory, and network management.
Envestnet | Yodlee William Crager, Chief Executive Officer Envestnet | Yodlee is transforming the way financial advice is delivered through an ecosystem of technology, solutions, and intelligence. By establishing the connections between people's daily financial decisions and long-term financial goals, Envestnet empowers them to make better sense of their finances and live an Intelligent Financial Life™ .
EPAM Systems Arkadiy Dobkin, CEO EPAM Systems is a company that provides software engineering and product development services for various industries and problems. The company help clients design, build, and operate digital platforms that enable seamless and personalised experiences across channels, devices, and touchpoints.
Ford Motor Company James D. Farley, Jr CEO Ford is a company that produces and markets automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand, and luxury cars under its Lincoln brand. The company have various types of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers, hybrids, electric vehicles, and performance vehicles.
Founding Minds Regi Roy, Chief Executive Officer Founding Minds is a dynamic product development company, that invests in and develops innovative solutions across diverse industries. Its mission is to expedite technology incubation, drive IP creation, support startups, and lead transformative initiatives. Fueled by core values, it fosters loyalty and purpose among customers and employees.
Freshworks Girish G Mathrubootham, Founder and CEO Freshworks Freshworks crafts user-friendly software for businesses, prioritizing seamless experiences for both employees and customers. With over 50,000 global users, it is affordable, quick-to-implement softwareas- a-service that enhances customer and employee experiences in CX, CRM, ITSM, and HRSM.
FTI Consulting Steven H. Gunby, President and Chief Executive Officer FTI Consulting, a global consulting powerhouse, combines diverse expertise to serve as trusted advisors during clients' pivotal moments. Its practices, each a leader in its domain, offer a comprehensive suite of services for proactive risk management and agile crisis response.
Genems Systems Venkat Duddukuri, CEO Genems Systems delivers innovative, high-quality business solutions, emphasizing the critical synergy between IT vendors, client management, and client teams. Its customercentric approach, efficient processes, and stringent quality norms ensure powerful, robust solutions, minimizing project risks. Specializing in computer consulting and IT solutions, it strategically supports mission-critical systems, enhancing competitiveness and efficiency.
General Electric H. Lawrence Culp, Chairman and CEO, GE Aerospace General Electric, an American multinational company, has shaped the industry for over 130 years. Renowned for excellence in Power, Renewable Energy, and Aerospace, GE pioneers transformative technologies. Its diverse, dedicated team upholds integrity, delivering innovative solutions in energy, healthcare, and transportation with a commitment to environmental responsibility.
GoDaddy Operating Company Aman Bhutani, Chief Executive Officer GoDaddy Operating Company, the world's largest services platform for entrepreneurs, empowers a global community of 20+ million customers. It provide the tools and support needed for naming ideas, building brands, creating websites, and succeeding online.
Goldman Sachs David Solomon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Goldman Sachs, a global financial leader, provides diverse financial services to corporations, financial institutions, governments, and individuals worldwide. Leveraging over 150 years of expertise, it advances client success, individual prosperity, and global economic progress through investment banking, securities, investment management, and consumer banking.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Mark Bakker, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Global Operations Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development, the global edge-to-cloud company, empowers businesses to connect, protect, analyze, and act on data across the edge and cloud. It fosters AI innovation, enterprisewide opportunities, and turning data into intelligent action for enhanced safety and security. Committed to advancing how people live and work, its team anticipates future needs to make a meaningful impact in the world.
Hillenbrand Kimberly K. Ryan, President and Chief Executive Officer Hillenbrand is a global leader in highly engineered processing equipment and systems, serving diverse industries. It provides highly engineered processing equipment for diverse applications such as plastics, food, and recycling. It prioritizes superior shareholder returns and exceptional customer value, leveraging its HOM management practices and strategic goals for sustainable growth and innovation.
Indotronix International Corporation Sameer Penakalapati, CEO and Founder Indotronix International Corporation is dedicated to supporting startups and investing in the industry's future amidst rapid technological evolution. Actively investing in companies benefiting clients, it navigates staffing, new technology markets, and novel development ventures, ensuring continuous growth. Its consulting team provides invaluable industry insights, making it a trusted technology consulting partner with rich experience and diverse offerings.
Ingram Micro Alain Monie, Executive Chair Ingram Micro, empowers businesses to unlock technology's full potential, offering customized solutions for vendors, resellers, and retailers globally. With an expansive infrastructure, it accelerates growth and value for technology channel partners, providing innovative digital platforms and comprehensive services.
Intel Corporation Patrick Gelsinger, Chief Executive Officer Intel Corporation, a Silicon Valley pioneer for over 50 years, creates world-changing technology. With a commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability, it leads in semiconductors, advancing design and manufacturing to address global challenges and propel the world into a digital future.
Intuitive Surgical Operations Gary S. Guthart, Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors Intuitive Surgical Operations, a global leader in minimally invasive care, innovates through robotic-assisted surgical systems and data generation for global impact. It relentlessly improved healthcare by providing leading-edge systems, software, education, and support. Committed to accessibility, it collaborates for better outcomes, care experiences, and cost efficiency, envisioning a future of profoundly improved, less invasive care.
Invaria Nitin Panchmal, CEO Invaria envisions building remarkable products with pristine quality, fostering innovation, passion, and fun. Its core strength lies in a carefully selected team of highly skilled individuals, driven by integrity and values. It tailors flexible operating models, strategically aligning with each client's unique needs, ensuring success through collaborative planning and detailed engagement processes across a range of services from technology vision to product deployment and support.
Kaizen Voiz Ashok Krish, CEO and President Kaizen Voiz is a leading-edge innovator in voice biometric authentication technology. It has a patented and certified authentication engine integrated with voice analysis that facilitates authentication based on AI technology and vocal tract characteristics to prevent fraudulent activities.
Keysight Technologies Satish Dhanasekaran, President and Chief Executive Officer Keysight Technologies, an innovation partner, accelerates product development with market-leading design, emulation, and test environments. Its co-innovated solutions empower engineers to push boundaries, delivering exceptional product experiences. Committed to intelligent insights, employee empowerment, and corporate responsibility, it prioritizes industry leadership and investor value in transformative technologies.
Kofax Reynolds C. Bish, CEO & Member of the Board of Directors Kofax's intelligent automation software platform and solutions digitally transform information-intensive business workflows. Customers realize faster time-to-value and increased competitiveness, growth and profitability by combining Kofax’s cognitive capture, RPA, process orchestration, analytics and mobile capabilities while increasing business resiliency and mitigating compliance risk.
Korn Ferry Gary Burnison, Chief Executive Officer Korn Ferry, a global organizational consulting firm, collaborates with clients to optimize structures, roles, and talent management. True to its radically human values, it prioritizes equality of opportunity, providing programs with community and corporate partners to empower individuals to exceed their potential.
Lennox International Alok Maskara, Cheif Executive Officer Lennox International is a leading provider of innovative climate control solutions for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) markets.
Lester Rajiv Samant, CEO Lester is a premier technology solutions and business services company focused on innovative solutions that deliver value for businesses and consumers. Its portfolio, rooted in Unique Technology, Distinctive Information/Content, and Innovative Services, leverages global capabilities to provide unparalleled resolutions to customer problems.
Micron Technology Sanjay Mehrotra, President and Chief Executive Officer Micron Technology, a pioneer in memory and storage solutions, has played a foundational role in transformative technology. It leads in providing optimal memory systems across diverse applications worldwide. From smartphones to data centres, Micron's memory solutions meet exacting needs in demanding environments, fueling essential applications globally.
NFolks Data Solutions Sridhar Reddy Challah, Managing Director nFolks Data Solutions, a global firm with offices worldwide, specializes in innovative software and services that complement IBM's offerings. It accelerates cloud adoption while ensuring secure and seamless data movement, facilitating AI-powered business analytics and insights. Its services team excels at handling complex service engagements, turning challenging projects into successful outcomes.
Niche Software Solutions Naresh Bhagtani, Managing Director Niche Software Solutions, a digital marketing pioneer, offers cutting-edge cloud-based solutions, ensuring optimal returns on investment. With state-of-the-art technology, it provides unique, flexible, and results-oriented digital products to boost business and acquire new customers consistently.
Nordson Corporation Sundaram Nagarajan, President and Chief Executive Officer Nordson Corporation, a global leader in precision dispensing, fluid management, and related technologies, operates in over 35 countries. It engineers and manufactures differentiated products for various industries, supporting them with application expertise and a global sales and service network.
Novartis Vasant (Vas) Narasimhan, Chief Executive Officer Novartis, a leading global medicines company, reimagines medicine to improve lives through innovative science and digital technologies. With a commitment to research and development, its transformative treatments reach nearly 800 million people globally, and it strives to expand access through innovation.
Nutanix Rajiv Ramaswami, President and CEO Nutanix simplifies cloud complexity with an open, softwaredefined hybrid multi-cloud platform. Its solutions, encompassing hybrid cloud infrastructure, multi-cloud management, unified storage, database services, and desktop services, support diverse applications and workloads anywhere, allowing businesses to focus on outcomes and innovations.
Nvizion Solutions Manoj Bubna, CEO Nvizion Solutions is a global Digital Transformation and Management company, that empowers organizations for business growth and outstanding digital experiences. Its expert team strategically aligns business objectives with cutting-edge commerce platforms, facilitating successful evolution and competition in the digital economy across the US, UK, and India.
Omnicom Media Group Kartik Sharma, CEO Omnicom Media Group (OMG), the media services division of Omnicom Group Inc., delivers transformational experiences for consumers, clients, and talent. Utilizing the Omni marketing orchestration system, OMG's full-service agencies—OMD, Ph.D., and Hearts & Science— deliver relevant and actionable consumer experiences, productive client interactions, and collaborative talent experiences globally.
OneMain Financial Doug Shulman, Chairman and CEO OneMain Financial, the leader in providing responsible credit access to nonprime customers, is dedicated to empowering individuals towards a better financial future. Its team assists with critical financial needs, offering tailored loan solutions and reporting to credit bureaus for improved credit building.
Palo Alto Networks Nikesh Arora, CEO and Chairman Palo Alto Networks, a prominent global cybersecurity leader, is at the forefront of shaping the cloud-centric future by leveraging transformative technologies that redefine how individuals and organizations function. Their mission is to emerge as the preferred cybersecurity partner, safeguarding the digital landscape.
PepsiCo Ramon L. Laguarta., CEO and Chairman PepsiCo's products bring enjoyment to consumers globally over a billion times daily across 200 countries and territories. The company welcomes individuals who are both thinkers and doers, encouraging them to embrace innovation, embrace calculated risks, and question established norms.
Perficient Tom Hogan, CEO Perficient the global digital consultancy boasts a vast team of proficient strategists and technologists spanning the U.S., Latin America, and India. Their impactful efforts centre around revolutionizing the way major brands engage with customers and expand their enterprises.
PerkinElmer Prahlad Singh, CEO PerkinElmer a collaborative force with laboratories across the globe, has worked tirelessly to facilitate and expedite scientific endeavors. The company promotes environmental sustainability and social responsibility by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing waste, and supporting diversity and inclusion.
Procal Technologies Venkat Pasula, CEO Procal Technologies a digital software company, specializes in customized business solutions, prioritizing the delivery of excellent user experiences through cutting-edge technology and digital advancements in the dynamic contemporary landscape. The company integrate strategic design, advanced engineering, and industry expertise to elevate innovation.
Procter & Gamble Jon R. Moeller, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO Procter & Gamble brand holds the trust of millions in their living rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, with a legacy passed down through generations. They are the individuals responsible for the trusted brands, dedicated to enhancing people's lives in subtle yet significant ways on a daily basis.
Rackspace Technology Amar Maletira, ECO Rackspace Technology possesses expertise in multi-cloud solutions, serving as specialists in navigating diverse cloud environments and cutting-edge technologies. With a focus on applications, data, and security, the company empower businesses to expand, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead in the evolving landscape.
Rifluxyss Softwares Jay Mohan, Founder and CEO Rifluxyss Softwares is a forward-thinking company dedicated to application development using cutting-edge technologies, places significant investments in its human resources to stay abreast of the rapidly evolving landscape in the information industry.
SalesIntel Research Manoj Ramnani, CEO SalesIntel Research ensures that individuals have all the necessary resources to identify their ideal account targets and secure contact information to foster and enhance relationships with prospective clients. The company determines the most reliable and pertinent business contact data for each individual.
SNS System Pawan Dubey, CEO SNS System stands as a prominent worldwide business consulting and IT service organisation, seamlessly integrating intricate industry and functional knowledge, cutting-edge technology methodologies, and a sophisticated global delivery framework to empower enterprises in realising their business capabilities.
State Street Corporation Ronald P. O'Hanley, Chairman and CEO State Street Corporation offers a wide range of financial services such as investment management, research, trading, and investment servicing. The company is dedicated to taking the necessary steps to support improved performance for its clients both presently and in the years to come.
Tech Prastish Jaswinder Singh, Director & CEO Tech Prastish has emerged as a prominent provider of web and mobile application development solutions. Experiencing remarkable growth, the company has achieved leadership status in providing cutting-edge digital solutions to businesses across various industries and sizes.
Tekzenit Sriman Chennareddy, Founder & CEO Tekzenit operates as a boutique firm specializing in researchinformed strategy, experience engineering, and technology enablement. Employing a global delivery framework, the company is dedicated to crafting experiences driven by curiosity, empathy, and simplicity.
Teleflex Incorporated Liam J. Kelly, Chairman, President and CEO Teleflex Incorporated operates as a worldwide supplier of medical technologies aimed at enhancing the well-being and quality of life of individuals. The company is dedicated to purpose-driven innovation, consistently striving to address unmet clinical needs for the benefit of both patients and healthcare providers.
Terex Corporation John L. Garrison, Jr. Chairman & CEO Terex Corporation, a global provider of materials processing machinery and aerial work platforms, specializes in the design, construction, and support of products essential for various applications such as construction, maintenance, manufacturing, energy, recycling, minerals, and materials management.
The DataTech Labs Amit Andre, CEO The DataTech Labs is a specialized provider of innovative solutions customized to meet unique business requirements. The team of skilled consultants holds profound technical expertise and extensive experience spanning various industries such as energy, BrSi, healthcare, public sector, retail, transport, telecom, and beyond.
Tidewater Prasad Dissanayake, PE, President and CEO Tidewater takes pride in providing global environmental and infrastructure solutions, encompassing both traditional and cutting-edge approaches. The organization is pleased to present clients and business collaborators with a diverse workforce, comprising industry specialists and experienced field personnel, fostering a dynamic and skilled team.
TRITORC Lavin Bhatia, CEO TRITORC stands as a prominent manufacturer in the realm of Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric, and Manual Torque Wrenches, Bolt Tensioners, Heavy Duty Impact Sockets, and more. The company is recognized for designing widely utilized tools in the service industry.
Verint Dan Bodner, CEO and Chairman Verint assists organizations in navigating the evolving landscape of work, addressing the challenges posed by organizational and data silos, and ensuring seamless and consistent delivery of exceptional experiences on a large scale.
Verizon Hans Vestberg, Chairman and CEO Verizon is a global human network operating behind the scenes, anticipating, leading, and emphasizing the importance of listening for the commencement of learning. The company collaborates, uplifts communities, and endeavours to create a meaningful impact to propel the world forward.
Viatris Scott A. Smith, CEO Viatris advocate for healthcare that empowers individuals globally to lead healthier lives at every life stage. The company believe better access improves health, using expertise to provide quality medications when and where needed.
Vimeo Ibrahim Zafar, Founder and CEO Vimeo has transitioned from its origins as a platform for creatives showcasing their work to a versatile platform catering to both novices and professionals, as well as individuals ranging from marketers to CEOs.
Visteon Corporation Sachin Lawande, president and CEO Visteon Corporation stands out as the sole specialized provider of automotive cockpit electronics, which is the most rapidly expanding sector in the automotive industry. Propelled by a skilled workforce and innovative technology, the company is revolutionizing the vehicles of virtually every global automaker.
VMware Hock E. Tan, President and CEO VMware stands as a prominent provider of multi-cloud services catering to all types of applications, facilitating digital innovation while maintaining enterprise control. Central to their mission is the commitment and potential to construct a sustainable, fair, and more secure future for everyone.
WWStay Rajeev Goswami, Co-Founder & CEO WWStay is a rapidly growing global technology company offering specialized accommodation solutions for extended stays. Clients trust the company's advanced technology to efficiently manage their complex and dynamic travel requirements.