Harness: Unlocking Modern Software Delivery

Sri Ramalingam, SVP of Engineering

In today's digital age, every company has transformed into a software company to remain competitive and meet the evolving needs of customers. However, while this shift has brought numerous benefits and opportunities, it has also introduced a formidable challenge: the efficient, reliable, and rapid delivery of code to users.

This is where Harness, with its innovative software efficiency and delivery platform, steps in.

Harness offers a comprehensive platform equipped with eight modules designed to streamline and optimize the entire software development and delivery process. These modules address critical pain points developers face during both the development and delivery phases, such as prolonged build times, extensive testing requirements, security concerns, and deployment challenges.

“We empower developers to focus on what truly matters, enabling software engineering teams to deliver code with unwavering reliability, unmatched efficiency, and lightning speed, all while crafting a world-class developer experience,” says Sri Ramalingam, SVP of engineering at Harness.

The Eight Modules

Continuous Integration (CI) is one of the key modules of the Harness platform. It plays a pivotal role in impacting the overall coding development and delivery timeline, allowing developers to create optimized build pipelines and ensure efficient code compilation. Harness's Test Intelligence, powered by AI and machine learning, selectively chooses and runs tests based on code changes, dramatically reducing testing time. This smart approach improves developer productivity, enabling them to focus on meaningful work.

Security is paramount in modern software development. Harness's Security Test Orchestration (STO) module integrates with third-party security scanners to initiate comprehensive code scans. It orchestrates these scans, optimizing the process and providing a single view of security issues. STO also enables the creation of policies that can prevent the deployment of code with vulnerabilities, enhancing security throughout the development lifecycle.
Harness's Feature Flags module empowers developers to selectively enable and disable features for customers. It facilitates experimentation and enables developers to gather feedback before releasing new features to all customers. By integrating feature flags into their pipelines, developers can seamlessly control feature releases.

Continuous Deployment (CD) is another vital aspect of the development process. Harness's CD module streamlines one-click deployment to both production and non-production environments. It includes approval steps and integrates seamlessly with various third-party tools, ensuring smooth and controlled deployments.

Cloud Cost Management is crucial for companies operating in the cloud. Harness's module allows organizations to track infrastructure and application costs, providing valuable insights into expenditure patterns. With this data, companies can optimize their cloud usage and save money.

Service Reliability Management (SRM) ensures that software operates reliably in production environments. It defines metrics for measuring reliability and automates the rollback process in case of issues, ensuring uninterrupted service. Error Tracking helps identify and resolve errors in real time, reducing debugging time and improving software quality.

Finally, the Chaos Engineering module allows companies to test the resilience of their software by introducing controlled failures in production or non-production environments. This testing helps identify and address vulnerabilities, ensuring robust software performance.

Harness's Software Engineering Insights module complements these features by providing metrics to track and improve developer effectiveness. By identifying bottlenecks and streamlining processes, it enhances the efficiency of clients.

Harness recognizes that onboarding is a critical phase for its customers. The company offers tailored onboarding programs to ensure clients quickly realize the platform's value. Depending on their specific needs and scale, customers can opt for self-service onboarding or take advantage of Harness's professional services.
Beyond Just Optimizing Development and Delivery Cycles

Harness realizes that the software development and delivery market is vast, as every company, regardless of its modus operandi, grapples with these challenges.

Harness's value proposition lies in alleviating these friction points in the developer's journey, ensuring efficient and cost-effective software delivery. Harness’s impact on large enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses’ operations is measurable through various public case studies.

We empower developers to focus on what truly matters, enabling software engineering teams to deliver code with unwavering reliability, unmatched efficiency, and lightning speed, all while crafting a world-class developer experience

For example, United, a prominent airline, accelerated its deployments by an impressive 75 percent using the Harness platform. In another case, Zero Flex, a technology company, reduced deployment costs by approximately 60 percent, resulting in significant savings, while Tyler Technologies saved a remarkable $1.2 million by optimizing their Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/ CD) process through Harness's platform. These success stories demonstrate the tangible benefits that the company brings to its customers.

However, Harness's impact goes beyond just optimizing development and delivery cycles. The platform also enhances developer efficiency by addressing bottlenecks in their day-to-day work. For instance, Harness boasts the fastest CI/CD solution on the market, ensuring developers do not waste time waiting for builds to complete. Harness's Test Intelligence feature enables selective testing, reducing testing times and increasing developer productivity. In addition to these benefits, the platform includes features like cloud cost management, helping companies save substantial amounts of money.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Harness stands as a trusted partner for companies seeking to thrive in the software-driven world.