93 East Capital: Building Intergenerational Wealth through Thoughtful Investments

Manoj Ramnani, CFA, Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Akin to looking at the forest instead of individual trees, macro investing takes a top-down approach to look at an economy as a whole instead of specific companies. These investors usually allocate funds across various asset classes to build a portfolio based on expectations of how they will perform in the broader economic landscape. With such complex elements at play, macro investors seek partners that can effectively comprehend and manage risks while safeguarding their investments against unforeseen events.

A specialist in macro investing, 93 East Capital fits the bill. Founded to cultivate intergenerational wealth and deliver diversified, consistent returns for clients, the firm blends exhaustive research with a nuanced understanding of market dynamics.

Spearheaded by Manoj Ramnani, Chartered Financial Analyst, with a wealth of experience in economics and investment management, 93 East Capital strategically navigates global market complexities.
It identifies subtle yet impactful trends with the potential to ripple into meaningful investment opportunities. Be it foreseeing changes in energy demands amid geopolitical tensions or anticipating shifts in markets due to disruptive technological advancements, Ramnani’s approach is rooted in astute insights and thorough analysis.

Instead of chasing short-term gains or volatile market trends, it employs top-down and bottom-up research tactics to analyze macroeconomic indicators, geopolitical shifts, and sector-specific developments. This holistic and thorough analysis shapes 93 East Capital’s investment decisions across various asset classes such as equity, fixed income, credit and FX. The fund also invests in women led startups in India. It strives for sustained, diversified returns over longer investment horizons.

In an industry often marred by opacity, 93 East Capital prides itself on maintaining open communication channels with clients. It fosters collaborative and trust-driven relationships through monthly investor updates, transparent fee structures, and an open-door policy for client queries. The firm safeguards investor interests by implementing strong compliance measures to consistently maintain the utmost ethical standards.

“Transparency, compliance, and ethical conduct are the bedrock of our operations. We are always available for our clients and provide monthly updates on our latest thinking on markets and the economy” says Ramnani, founder and chief investment officer of 93 East Capital.
At the helm of 93 East Capital is a visionary leader whose journey traverses continents and spans decades in finance. Born from the struggles of his forebears who faced displacement during political upheavals, the company’s name finds its roots in the founder's familial heritage— from 2391 East Street in Pune, India, to Bangalore, to East 93rd Street in New York City. This poignant combination symbolizes the evolution and progress made across generations and is a testament to 93 East Capital’s pledge to build wealth for clients.

Transparency, compliance, and ethical conduct are the bedrock of our operations. We are always available for our clients and provide monthly updates on our latest thinking on markets and the economy

With a proven track record of delivering uncorrelated returns, the company aims to continue fostering wealth creation for its clients across generations. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, 93 East Capital remains steadfast in its goal of providing a sanctuary for investment where perceptive research, ethical conduct, and long-term vision converge to nurture intergenerational wealth.