Equal Innovation: Propelling Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Nish Acharya, CEO

Nish Acharya, in his two-decade journey in the realm of entrepreneurship, has worn many hats. His experiences range from spearheading initiatives dedicated to educating and nurturing entrepreneurship to serving as the Director of innovation and entrepreneurship under President Obama's Administration.

Throughout this remarkable journey, Acharya observed the transformation of entrepreneurship from a localized phenomenon centered around Silicon Valley to a global movement. With this globalization came the emergence of impact-driven startups, firmly committed to aligning their missions with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

It was amidst this evolving landscape that Acharya laid the foundation for Equal Innovation (EI). His vision and conviction revolve around the belief that every entrepreneur's idea possesses the potential to evolve into a catalyst for positive change, one capable of generating profound impact and long-term sustainability.

"At EI, our mission is to transcend the traditional startup-venture model. We strive to identify and support entrepreneurs and innovations worldwide that promise to deliver widespread and meaningful impact," says Acharya, CEO of EI.
EI strongly emphasizes identifying impactful innovations globally and forging connections with philanthropic entities and governments willing to support them. Annually, it engages with an extensive network of 5,000 innovation centers and entrepreneurship programs, maintaining active collaboration with approximately 1,000 key entities. Its primary objective is to identify top innovators and entrepreneurs, with innovations addressing the UN SDGs, and then connect them to resources and partnerships.

One distinctive aspect of EI's approach involves interactive efforts with various entities, including foundations, impact investors, and governmental bodies. For instance, it recently partnered with a well-known agriculture and consumer products company interested in sustainable agriculture. In this engagement, it sought insights into novel seed varieties and water-efficient farming equipment, especially those economically viable for smaller farmers. Leveraging its vast network, the organization identified relevant projects and nominees and facilitated connections between these innovators and the larger corporations.

Another noteworthy instance of EI's approach is its involvement in an event in India in partnership with the Indian government during the G20 summit. Tasked by the government, it assembled entrepreneurs from around the world to emphasize the global nature of entrepreneurship and address key G20 topics. The organization successfully identified 40 startups from 15 countries engaged in climate, supply chain, artificial intelligence, and pandemic preparedness initiatives.
These startups were brought to Delhi, where they engaged with policymakers from various governments, enabling them to showcase their innovative solutions and approaches to tackling global challenges.

At EI, our mission is to transcend the traditional venture capital-backed startup model. We strive to identify and support entrepreneurs and innovations worldwide that promise to deliver widespread and meaningful impact

EI's founder, Acharya, brings a wealth of experience from his past work with Presidents Clinton and Obama, significantly expanding the organization's network and reach. He has fostered close collaboration with the new Presidency of the World Bank on innovation partnerships. Partnering with EI provides innovators access to exclusive groups with transformative potential, a compelling factor attracting many startups to collaborate with the organization.

What sets it apart from other scouting organizations is its unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact. Unlike entities that often align with investor interests or traditional corporate licensing, EI focuses on sustainable development goals and other pressing global challenges. This distinctive emphasis establishes it as a standout organization in its field, dedicated to driving innovations that can bring about positive change globally.