Aidas Technologies: A Subscription Model Paving the Way for Business Success

Hari Swaminathan, CEO & Managing Principal

AIDAS TECHNOLOGIES is a data analytics company that specializes in solving complex business problems using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Unlike other system integrators that offer data analytics as one of their many services, AIDAS exclusively focuses on providing holistic data and analytics solutions. It provides customized analytics solutions and flexible service models, like subscription-based and ready-to-deploy accelerators, to meet unique client needs, using its expertise in data engineering, analytics technology, and consulting.

AIDAS has a clear objective – creating a supportive environment for businesses of all sizes by aligning elements like skills, processes, and technologies to develop data analytics solutions seamlessly. The firm offers cost-effective and data-driven solutions from dashboard creation and to development of advanced machine-learning models.

Central to AIDAS’ strategy is the design and deployment of a unique engagement model known as the subscription service model. Unlike traditional project-based or managed service engagements, the company’s model allows clients to subscribe to a predetermined number of hours within their budget. The flexibility enables clients to allocate resources, including budget and skill requirements, across a wide range of analytics projects. In addition, its subscription model seamlessly accommodates the inherent uncertainty commonly associated with analytics projects.

“In analytics, when clients may not have a clear idea about the scope and outcome of a project, the subscription model's flexibility becomes a strategic asset for them to mitigate risks” says Hari Swaminathan, CEO and managing principal of AIDAS.
Small and large enterprises face distinct challenges in data analytics. Smaller businesses grapple with budget constraints while assembling data analytics teams, while larger corporations struggle with the flexibility to scale capacity according to fluctuating demands. AIDAS’ subscription model is designed to assist businesses, regardless of their size, to overcome these challenges.

In analytics, when clients may not have a clear idea about the scope and outcome of a project, the subscription model's flexibility becomes a strategic asset for them to mitigate risks

The subscription model addresses concerns about resource constraints and skill set availability for smaller enterprises. Subsequently, AIDAS assists in formulating and executing data strategies and implementation of roadmaps, allowing clients to focus on their core business functions.

Conversely, larger enterprises benefit from the subscription model's scaling capabilities. AIDAS' solution allows clients to easily expand operations without the typical delays associated with hiring skilled employees or working with external vendors. The success of this model is evident from the company’s acquisition of new clients who have attested to the effectiveness of its comprehensive approach in constructing, overseeing, and enhancing data and analytics infrastructure.

To support the subscription model, AIDAS has devised a three-part strategy that focuses on people, processes, and technology. Through strong talent acquisition across disciplines, training, and retention strategies developed by management based on their extensive industry experience, the company ensures that employees can perform beyond technological capabilities.

“Our vision is to create an ecosystem where we have the right people, with the right skill sets, and the right processes to build analytics along with the right technology,” adds Hari.
Instead of limiting hires to technology-defined roles, such as Tableau, Power BI, or SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) developers, AIDAS prioritizes cultivating a versatile skill set and experience. This involves cross-training experts to ensure they possess an in-depth understanding of data engineering principles that transcend specific technological implementations. “We invest in our employees beyond their careers. The health and well-being of our employees is our top priority, and we have a wide range of programs to keep them motivated” adds Sivakumar Palanisamy, Chief Delivery Officer, India Operations.

AIDAS’ robust process framework efficiently manages diverse analytics needs that encompass technology maintenance, data pipelines, system infrastructure, project development, and support services. On the technical side, the company has also developed a framework complemented by commercial tools that enable clients to realize benefits quickly within weeks.

According to Hari, the industry will begin to embrace a broader perspective that focuses on value that exceeds technological expertise. In response, AIDAS has aligned its training programs, internal processes, and recruitment strategies to nurture professionals with the ability to deliver value across a spectrum of solutions, transcending the limitations of their roles.

AIDAS demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements through investments in developing new technologies. “Our Analytics platform and Business Apps are going to be game changers for companies that are constrained with analytics resources. Platform’s plug-and-play capability allows our clients to realize the ROI much faster”, proudly adds Saravanan Pichaipillai, CTO of AIDAS. His team engages in continuous research and development, focusing on emerging fields such as generative, conversational, and other AI technologies. These innovative advancements are seamlessly integrated into the platform, affirming the firm's pivotal role in shaping the future landscape of data and analytics.