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November-2016  issue
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Author: si Team
One morning sitting in a well-lit room of Kanpur IIT Dheeraj Pandey was solving linear algebra, set theory, and Boolean algebra problems. Though a graduate of Computer Science, he was much inclined towards courses not just in system... more>>
In My Opinion
Suresh Ramakrishnan -VP, SAP Digital
The age of digital transformation is truly upon us and going strong. Every day, we hear of a new company with an exciting... more>>
20 Most Promising IT Services Companies-2016
si Team
Company Management Description... more>>
si Team
In the context enterprise technology, tech consultants adorn the role of catalysts by aligning themselves to the organization's... more>>
si Team
The advancement of digital business is demanding the action to unite IT advances with the rising business models, for... more>>
si Team
Technological change today is interminable and happening with such mind-boggling speed and depth that numerous industries are... more>>
si Team
In the present IT shaped market, strategic planners are demanding new age digital-enabled business models that intends to... more>>
si Team
With the current $3.4 trillion IT market, enterprises and businesses are still out there in a constant search for a one-stop... more>>
si Team
According to Gartner, digital business dynamics is changing the complete field of data and analytics. The C-level executives... more>>
Sanjay Agrawal -CIO, Weir Oil & Gas
In last two decades, we have seen, industries maturing with ERP implementation, moving along with technology like Lotus 1-2-3... more>>
Srivats Ramaswami -CTO, 42Q
The Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) industry has been maturing rapidly over the past two decades. The term MES was first... more>>
Murali Krishnan -VP, IT, Advia Credit Union
The need has never been greater for strategically leveraging technology across the organization. Many strategies exist in... more>>
Manpreet Kalsi -VP, AKA Enterprise Solutions
In Step with the Latest Trends Microsoft Dynamics provides business solutions for all aspects of an organization's needs.... more>>
Ashwin Krishnan -SVP Product Management and Strategy, HyTrust
The tech industry is an unforgiving one. One week you might be a darling and the next week you might be in the dust. Well,... more>>
Vikram Ahuja -CTO, Vlink
For the last 50 years, we have been in the age of IT. It all started with IBM, which invented the first processor and mother... more>>
Last Word
Neeraj Verma -IT Director-Platform and Analytics, NCR Corporation
Cloud on Top Virtualization and cloud-computing are trends that are top of mind for us both in our internal applications as... more>>
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