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Skyhigh Networks The Catalysts of the New Culture
si Team
Tuesday, November 8, 2016
According to Gartner, digital business dynamics is changing the complete field of data and analytics. The C-level executives and the data and analytics leaders must take a step forward and shift their focus from the traditional approaches to have a strong hold on business outcomes by adopting the market trends and reap benefits from algorithmic business to build trust. "As more and more systems of record move to the cloud, enterprises have a need to enforce their various compliance policies and protect corporate data in various cloud services through a single pane of glass," asserts Rajiv Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO at Skyhigh Networks. To aid the enterprises in this phase of their journey, Skyhigh Networks, a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) helps IT companies to securely enable cloud services for driving productivity and innovation in their business. "We offer a suite of three services-discovery, analysis and control for enabling organizations understand the need for cloud exposure, its risk of use and accessing control or data encryption."

The Campbell, CA based firm's Skyhigh Secure, comprehensive solution effectively enables organizations to address their critical cloud data protection requirements such as contextual access control, encryption, application auditing, data loss prevention (DLP), and cloud-to-cloud access control. This solution protects data in the cloud without making changes to the end-user experience. The mobile to cloud capabilities of the Skyhigh Secure's solution, enables secure and reliable access of cloud services directly from mobile devices eliminating the need for VPN or backhaul of mobile traffic through the enterprise network. This comprehensive solution offers adaptive security, leveraging applications in zero time delay and delivering unsurpassed ease with the flexibility of deployment with on-premise, cloud, and hybrid delivery options. "With Skyhigh Secure, we are effectively providing our customers with a virtual 'cloud edge' that consistently and transparently enforces their security, privacy, and regulatory policies on their corporate data stored in cloud services," says Gupta.

The CASB company's robust product namely, Skyhigh for Shadow IT disinters all of the cloud services that are in use-proactively enabling services on cloud usage and risk with pre-built or custom reports based on time, risk, service category, and its usage. This product streamlines the entire process of policy enforcement and cloud service approval requests with tiered remediation actions. Skyhigh's another core product, Skyhigh for Box analyzes collaboration events and shared links by visually abridging the information with internal departments, business partners, and personal emails. It enforces secure collaboration sharing policies based on document content and context, revivifying the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies across data at rest and in motion.

As a corroboration of such expertise, Skyhigh Networks assisted AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company with their solutions. AstraZeneca wanted their employees to have an immediate access to data, as their existing VPN was cumbersome, inhibiting productivity and collaboration. They needed to securely collaborate across multiple devices at a global scale and wanted a central control point to govern cloud usage and reduce risk in Box by extending existing DLP policies to cloud services. With the use of Skyhigh for Shadow IT and Skyhigh for Box solutions from Skyhigh the client was able to eliminate friction and increase accessibility for their employees.

Today, Skyhigh Networks is on en route to drive cloud technology strategy, foster new product innovation, and expand its operations steadily to harness the customer requisites by augmenting their services according to the needs of the customers.
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