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iGovSolutions Making Government Agencies Powerful
si Team
Tuesday, November 8, 2016
Technological change today is interminable and happening with such mind-boggling speed and depth that numerous industries are unable to keep pace. Working in close proximity with Government State agencies, iGovSolutions noted similar discrepancies where legacy processes are being used without adjusting in accordance to the change. "Technology and process go hand in hand. By using technology to address the process related changes, an agency can achieve more productivity as the human power can perform work that could be beyond technology's reach," begins Prasad Valay, President, iGovSolutions. "We offer government agencies with simple but pragmatic solutions, which can instantly empower them to serve their customers better."

iGovSolutions' state of the art, SaaS Licensing Product called iLEMS (integrated Licensing and Enforcement Management System) encompasses various aspects of regulatory licensing right from application process to compliance. Through iLEMS, end users can customize the flow of the application as per their business needs; build their own customizable forms and reports which eliminate the use of third party reporting tools. The product offers an integrated online payment engine eliminating the use of third party payment processor along with real-time online services including renewals, verification, and subscription services to citizens and business. "We empower the state agencies to serve the citizens better! By embracing the Cloud Computing technologies, state agencies are able to adopt latest technology and at an affordable pricing," adds Valay.

iLEMS has culminated into a one-stop shop for Regulatory Licensing Boards that regulate various professions and encompasses the aspects of a licensing board's day to day operations including but not limited to application processing, license issuance and renewals. Other services of iLEMS include online credit/ debit card processing, online license renewal services, document management and website integration. "We use the latest Microsoft technologies for development, database, and hosting. We are one of the few Microsoft approved Government Cloud service providers," explains Valay.

An example portraying iGovSolutions' expertise, The Alabama Board of Pharmacy (ALBoP)-State of Alabama's licensing board for Pharmacies, Pharmacists, and Technicians deployed iGovSolutions' iLEMS, online services, and tablet based field inspection forms as a one-stop solution. iGovSolutions ensured that ALBoP went from multiple, disconnected systems to a single solution that could interact in real-time. iGovSolutions also delivered an integrated payment processing engine along with each of the applications involving fee, giving ALBoP an end-to-end control over the entire process. "We start each engagement by having full participation of the client in defining the needs. While we have the experience in the domain, we do not assume that we know it all," explains Valay. "We treat each engagement as unique, thus allowing us to keep an open mind to customize our product if necessary to meet the needs of the client."

The company customizes their product by utilizing the renowned CAD (Custom Application Development) methodology which incorporates a highly successful phased approach for accomplishing system vision, requirements collection, design and construction, installation and implementation. Every step of the process, iGovSolutions keeps the client in the loop on the progress being made, issues being addressed, so they have active participation in the process. So far, iGovSolutions has had very good success and have grown in clusters, by taking a careful but aggressive approach to grow in select states. Without disclosing too many trade secrets, iGovSolutions is looking at more ways than one to grow their presence Pan-America. "In spite of new goals, our vision forever will be the same - to be the best technology partner for State Licensing Agencies for years to come," concludes Valay.

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