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Lead IT Corporation At the Forefront of Technology
si Team
Tuesday, November 8, 2016
In the present IT shaped market, strategic planners are demanding new age digital-enabled business models that intends to create new buying centers for anticipating their future investments. Gartner predicts that the worldwide IT services market will reach $900 billion in 2016, growing 4.5 percent in constant currency in 2016, or 3.9 percent in U.S. dollars. It is also predicted that with outsourcing, contributing 58 percent of market growth in constant currency, the market will reach $1.1 trillion in 2020. In order to expand their reach, organizations are spurting out for strategic partnerships in the area of product development. Observing this, Rajani Talluri back in 2005 started Lead IT, an innovation-driven Information Technology Services Company. Since its evolution, the firm has been transpired as a single-stop IT solution provider, serving diverse Commercial and State Government customers. The firm offers its services pertaining to product design, program management services, development and maintenance services for the clients looking forward to build applications.

As a certified consultant of Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, SAP, PMP, Lead IT helps its customers to boost their time to market, enhance the resources and minimize costs for creating a measurable business impact. The company's services envelop the process right from concept to production and design that includes application operation, product conceptualization, and feature enhancement. Exorbitantly, Lead IT's Software Quality Assurance Group emphasis greatly on the quality of the deliverables being delivered to the customer. This quality team ensures that the quality goals identified for a project are being achieved by the project teams by means of regular project quality audits and ensure that the project team is following quality control processes set for the project. The full-service IT recruiting firm with its expertise in Big Data technologies uses LEAD Framework, a Lean, Efficient and Agile Delivery framework in all its projects. The group internally audits anything that goes out to the client, and provides a regular status update to the senior management team in the company. Lead IT aims at innovation in the market by actualizing the people, processes and the products along with delivering projects for the clients to maximize the significance and productivity for the business.

Adding momentum, the firm also has a strong hold on mobile applications that is based on the conceptualization of idea to execution in enterprise mobility. Lead IT inculcates all the latest trends in their business and consumer-centric mobile applications to keep the clients updated. In one such instance, Lead IT assisted Personagraph, an U.S. based company that provides actionable user insights to help developers upgrade their mobile user acquisition, monetization, engagement, and personalization efforts. With their development support around the android and other platforms, Lead IT added value to Personagraph by increasing the time to market, and gave them the flexibility and scalability with the resources entailing the requirement.

Lead IT is on en route to drive technology strategy, foster new product innovation and excellence, expanding its operations steadily to harness the customer requisites by augmenting their services according to the customers' needs. The firm aims to add value to the public and commercial sector by getting subject matter expertise from region to region, in the days to come. Lead IT is all set to invest around mobile, analytics, licensing and case management, taking notable efforts to enter into the Middle East markets.
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