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Catalyst Consulting Group Delivering impactful IT Solutions
si Team
Wednesday, November 9, 2016
In the context enterprise technology, tech consultants adorn the role of catalysts by aligning themselves to the organization's objectives. "Back when we started off in 1992, before the dot com era, there were perpetual voids within the enterprise solutions arena that restricted business from utilizing the technologies available at their disposal." says Arvin Talwar, Managing Principal and CEO of Chicago based Catalyst Consulting Group. Today, the company which started off with a handful of leads boasts more than 500 clients ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

Over the years Catalyst has kept up to the changing technological trends and needs their clients required. The company's solutions span across application development and design, infrastructure and networking services, mobility, analytics and security. "Whether we are developing a custom application or conducting a system integration project, our approach ensures our customers get the maximum value from our team and the innovative solutions we develop together," mentions Talwar. Catalyst's approach pertaining to change management, business re-engineering, and training ensures customized delivery.

The expertise of a consultancy is deeply rooted in the strategic partnerships with solution providers. Choosing the right partner is in the best interest of clients. "We know technology projects are complex, multifaceted and constantly evolving. By working in tandem with our trusted strategic partners we bring our clients a level of expertise unsurpassed in the industry." adds Talwar. Catalyst prides on a number of partnership alliances that include Microsoft, Addison Group, TEKsystems to name a few. The company also has ties with solution providers based in Chicago to cater to the needs of local solution seekers including state entities.

Catalyst had worked closely with Cook County through multiple projects pertaining to IT innovation, application, and modernization. Recently the Center for Digital Government (CDG) named Cook County one of the Top 10 Digital Counties. In another instance, Catalyst was able to reduce the human resource cost by implementing a Full Payment Certification solution for a real estate agency wherein the client could ensure the bills for a property are paid prior to certification. Previously, this was not streamlined and the agency staffs were burdened with the task. "We have always been guided by a single principle: treat every client as if it's the only one you have. This has allowed us to sustain and grow in the fast evolving industry," says Talwar.

From a work culture perspective, Catalyst encourages vibrancy within its workplace environment. "We maintain a diverse team of technologists and creatives, and though each member of our team fills a role, any of us are happy to tell you we are not defined by our job titles." asserts Talwar. The company's social media window showcases a number of outdoor activities that its employees have participated. "We would not be the company we are today without the strong connections we have built internally." he adds.

As a company that has witnessed the changing demographics of technology for nearly 25 years, Catalyst aims to broaden its expertise in the realm of predictive analytics and IoT as a Solution. The company is well placed in its path to success as it enforces its work principle at every level of operation. "We are committed to ensuring our IT solutions have a direct impact on solving the toughest business challenges while helping our clients accomplish their short and long-term business goals," concludes Talwar.
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