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Orion The Preferred Vendor for Excellence
si Team
Tuesday, November 8, 2016
With the current $3.4 trillion IT market, enterprises and businesses are still out there in a constant search for a one-stop solution for the whole organization, which can digitize and streamline all business-critical operations-with a high-level of security. Along with the challenges involved, it becomes very difficult for businesses to optimize their productivity along the path towards achieving organizational milestones. Envisaging purging of these challenges, Sunil Mehta, CEO, and Founder of Orion asserts, "Our strength lies in our focus and commitment to deliver excellent services and solutions to clients and help them succeed." Testimonial to the company and his success is Sunil Mehta's Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2011 at New Jersey-a winner in IT services.

Today, Orion offers a complete suite of integrated IT services and solutions which are necessary for driving a business. With the growing use of cloud computing among businesses, Orion offers 'Cloud Strategy and Framework' solution, which is customized to the clients need. Starting from deployment to managing the cloud, Orion takes care of its customers by seamlessly offering an agile and secured solution. Data is an intangible asset of business and an important ingredient for Business Intelligence (BI) which helps businesses to analyze and forecast their growth and future evolution. "For firms wanting to gather predictive intelligence, Orion offers advanced analytics and data visualization solutions for business reporting," says Sunil. As new businesses are bounded by mobility and flexibility challenges, Orion unchains these businesses with a unified mobility solution- mSolutions Framework. This solution can be hosted on Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile platform and ensures round the clock security. Orion's mSolutions service includes application development, maintenance, testing, migration, and mobile analytics.

Orion Systems stretches out geographically and has penetrated onto myriad industries-banking and finance, manufacturing, education, healthcare, government, telecommunications, business information and publishing. "Our global delivery model ensures cost effective deliverance of technology solutions with efficient strategies to impact clients' business objectives," says Sunil. Orion has allied with mid-sized companies and fortune 1000 companies to deliver IT services which focus on business applications, cloud, analytics, and mobility services. Catering IT solutions and services to its clients like 'AT&T', 'Cisco' and 'Dell', Orion has augmented its clients' growth. Having many instances of solving clients' problem 24/7, Orion has proven its capability as the customers leveraging the solutions not only met the original objectives of the organization but were benefitted from great flexibility.

Leading a crew of more than thousand employees globally to boost the business of clients, Sunil engraves that customers' success is Orion's achievement and he further continues his voyage towards achieving higher milestones. Sunil also plans to forge Orion's IT solutions and services with a commitment to make businesses successful without worrying about ROI. The firm has also amassed recognition for its unique value-based service models that allows customers to maximize on their resources and efficiencies. With the amalgam of its delivery models with IP-led frameworks and methodologies, Orion Systems is proven to be one of the most effective transformation partners for companies.
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