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June-2016  issue
Cover Story
Author: si Team
Various companies wage code brawls or Hackathons as a fun yet productive means to stimulate the minds of employees in their campus. It's a tug of war between employees parsing codes, like fashion mavens parse their fabrics. Ravi Jain,... more>>
In My Opinion
Suresh Ramakrishnan -VP, SAP Digital
The age of digital transformation is truly upon us and going strong. Every day, we hear of a new company with an exciting... more>>
In Focus
si Team
As the budding entrepreneurs took a front row seat, the industry leaders shared their hard-won insights on technology,... more>>
si Team
Company Management Description... more>>
si Team
Today, the rapidly changing business environment requires the services organizations to do fast and real time resource... more>>
si Team
Today, the traditional on-premise systems are confining the capabilities of an enterprise prompting the move towards either... more>>
si Team
Over the years, cloud has been transforming the way enterprises manage and distribute information. Today, content distributors... more>>
si Team
Technology can just be a part of life for many. However, for Suyash Sinha, Founder, and CEO, Midfin systems, technology is the... more>>
si Team
The world of information is abounding in data. The tidal wave of new technologies and digital devices are swamping... more>>
si Team
Choice is a boon and an enigma of today's cloud driven business world. Never before have customers been presented with so many... more>>
si Team
Migrating Legacy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to the cloud is no longer a novel trend. Modern CRM... more>>
Ravi Krishnan -CIO, Woodruff-Sawyer & Co
The Technological Emphasis Technology at Woodruff Sawyer is envisioned to be a key driver to future business growth, rather... more>>
CEO Insight
Bhavdeep Singh -CEO, Fortis Healthcare
Technology, will the change and transformation ever stop! What feels like a perpetual wheel of activity that started in the... more>>
Mohan Sankararaman -SVP, Deputy CIO, First Horizon National Corporation
"We knew if we achieved our goal, we could deliver solutions quickly, realize reuse of our assets, reduce expense, and decrease... more>>
Vishy Gopalakrishnan -AVP of Voice & Collaboration, AT&T
We're now comfortably into the 21st century, an era sci-fi has long awaited. While we're still waiting on some futuristic... more>>
Neeraj Verma -IT Director-Platform and Analytics, NCR Corporation
Cloud on Top Virtualization and cloud-computing are trends that are top of mind for us both in our internal applications as... more>>
Indian American View
Sashi P. Reddi
OK, what is Indiaspora? Think of Davos for Indian Americans. I haven't been to Davos so I am just basing my comparison on what... more>>
Last Word
Jawahar Kaliani -Deputy CIO, Department of Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) recently published a white paper, entitled "Supporting Responsible... more>>