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Terawe Simplifying the Cloud Choice
si Team
Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Choice is a boon and an enigma of today's cloud driven business world. Never before have customers been presented with so many good choices to bet their businesses on. However, it also gives rise to complications when the choice of cloud platform bet falls short in achieving desired business goals potentially leading to a misalignment with business growth trajectory. "With wide variety of IaaS and PaaS choices available, organizations find themselves in a pickle while the choice leads to misalignment between short term and long term business objectives," says Anil Balakrishnan, CEO, Terawe. Bellevue, WA based Terawe brings deep cloud expertise to the table, which helps organizations to find the adequate cloud solution that suits their needs. "Enabling customers explore the right options at the right time, partnering with them through their holistic solution lifecycle is what uniquely differentiates us - our prowess is E2E execution: including deployment to real time monitoring and analytics…all done at cloud speed," says Balakrishnan. As a high-value, high-touch system integrator, Terawe offers "white glove" cloud services to clients across the globe-with deep specialization across industry sectors in education, retail, and healthcare-maximizing their ROIs, helping them to grow and sustain deeper customer base. The company is also making inroads in the finance, hospitality, and manufacturing industries.

"With companies moving their businesses to the cloud, we see different options available that include public, private/hosted, and hybrid cloud," says Balakrishnan. For the larger customers, Terawe has kept its focus on hybrid cloud. "Hybrid technology continues to be an integral part of what major corporations do, as it enables faster innovation by integrating innovative cloud services with their existing private cloud capabilities to provide best of breed offers to their customers," adds Balakrishnan. On the flipside, SMB's business and technical requirements vary significantly from the larger enterprises. Terawe provides a more flexible cloud solution to SMBs that is scalable and performant-helping them to grow in linear and exponential way. "Every customer is unique-the reason we hand-craft solutions with extreme details," adds Balakrishnan.

But, Big or small, Terawe works efficiently with its customers, applying data science and intelligence into decision-making, constantly demonstrating execution excellence, and for imbuing sustainability in the business. "We work alongside with customers, navigating with them closely in their journey," prides Balakrishnan.

Terawe has also built a forte in the app development, interoperability, integration, and data migration to make cloud adoption a seamless journey. Every organization adopts cloud-first, mobile-first approach to search for products, while working with their disparate systems and applications. But the prerequisite here is to have data migration strategies, which goes parallel with SLA requirements and outlines a seamless route for faster and flexible data relocation. Terawe has created a package to solve the puzzle by including migration tools and services that facilitate data migration for customers and their applications to use modern databases.

This is what Terawe did for Literacy for Life-a company on a noble mission to spread literacy among learners - children and adults-enabling them to move on its cloud and mobility offering called 'Chekhov'. In a joint venture with Microsoft, Terawe is assisting Literacy for Life by bringing innovation on the mobile devices that enhances the learning curve of end-users. "Use Chekhov to write and record a dynamic eBook which can be used by learners across the globe to develop their literacy skills anytime, anywhere - even when there is no literate adult available to assist them," says Balakrishnan. Rolling forward, Terawe will bring to market innovative solutions in healthcare takes personalized care & preventive care to a new level - and is uniquely positioned to improve the quality of patient's life.
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