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Dunst Consulting Streamlining Data Migration to Cloud
si Team
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Today, the traditional on-premise systems are confining the capabilities of an enterprise prompting the move towards either deploying or migrating to cloud-based services for transforming their business processes. However, the necessity of appropriate professionals for implementing tactical solutions during data migration is a major concern for enterprises. Dunst Consulting, a technical consulting firm specializing in product design and development, provides services to help organizations mitigate challenges, while migrating to cloud. "The cloud of today is more than just a way to cut cost. It is a way to quickly develop, deploy and scale for startups and enterprises alike," says Vinod Soman, Founder & CEO, Dunst Consulting.

The firm has its expertise in various solutions in cloud technology including virtual machines and data hosting, load balancing, API management, mobile services, big data analytics, machine learning and IoT services. "We help customers in 'cloud enabling' by assessing the amount of changes in architecture and infrastructure, and impact on enterprise applications," says Vinod. The company guides its clients in a step-by-step manner to implement cloud optimized enterprise applications.

"With the cloud, you can separate your applications from your mobile service, or deploy a machine-learning algorithm in a few hours," says Vinod. Cloud technology has become a quick and easy mechanism to implement large algorithms on small amount of data or replicate a large traffic to a web portal. For example, setting up a concurrent user load test environment in a distributed network across regions illustrates on how access to cloud infrastructure and technologies has helped organizations. For successful implementation of cloud, Dunst spends ample amount of time with clients to understand the capabilities of the existing system. The firm studies the reasons for migrating to cloud like performance or unreliable service and builds up strategies accordingly. "Depending on our client's need, we have setup practices and tracks based on the size and requirement from cloud," says Vinod.

In one instance, a media entertainment company, were already on cloud but their web application was not optimized and as a result, their expenditure on keeping their systems up and running was very high. "The client had a vast array of deployments-algorithms, portals, analytics, tools and SDKs," says Vinod. Dunst initiated the migration of the client's data to a different cloud and created distributed services instead of one large server. "As a result, we were able to significantly cut down running costs and improve overall performance by over 30 percent," says Vinod.

Forging ahead, Dunst invests in building the skills and resources internally to keep pace with trends in the market place and also has a product development orientation to stay updated with the challenges faced by customers. The midterm goals of the company include projects like using beacons for retail marketing campaigns, VR enabling applications using VR SDKs and new forms of experience design like Natural User Interface and Fluid UI.

Dunst has two ongoing initiatives towards cloud commitment including a cloud-based collaboration platform for Data Analytics and a Mobile testing services platform. "In terms of design, our UX practice on the cloud caters to large enterprises and focus on process level challenges," says Vinod. While throwing light on Dunst's latest projects, Vinod concludes "Think about us as a one-stop shop that will provide brands the strategic advantage they are looking for via an intertwined set of strategy, design and development and cloud is an important piece of that technology component."
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