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TiE50 2016
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Monday, June 6, 2016
As the budding entrepreneurs took a front row seat, the industry leaders shared their hard-won insights on technology, entrepreneurship, and data economy. Such was the panorama of the recently concluded TiEcon 2016. The24th annual global two-day conference of the networking extravaganza was hosted by the city of Santa Clara, CA on May 6th and 7th and attracted more than 4,700 entrepreneurs and 230 speakers to Dream! Change! and Inspire! The event saw entrepreneurs get immersed in the latest technological innovations across multiple industries as technology spearheads such as Adobe Systems president and CEO Shantanu Narayen, Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka, and Facebook head of engineering and infrastructure Jay Parikh among others delivered their Grand Keynotes on disrupting technologies. The conference also played host to the Silicon Valley's premier annual awards program, TiE50 which was keenly contested by thousands of technology Startups worldwide."TiE50 has become a global brand that attracts thousands of companies worldwide. We screened more than 2000 companies this year and selected the most innovative companies as 2016 TiE50 Top Start-ups. TiE50 presentation audiences are treated to amazing ideas and disruptive technologies" said program cochair Karpagam Narayanan.

The TiE50 Technology Awards recipients were honored as part of the evening carousing after scores of technology driven brain-storming sessions on the first day of the event. Startups from industry verticals including IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Software Solutions, and Digital Health were presented with this honor for their dedication towards the essence of entrepreneurship and setting the next stage of technological evolution. More than 2000 organizations were screened this year and the most innovative were selected as 2016 TiE50 Top Start-ups.

Among the 50 companies honored was CallHealth, an organization with a new approach to holistic healthcare. The firm has developed the world's first Integrated Platform for "Everything about Health" enabling customers to access various healthcare services from the convenience of their home, through voice, web, or mobile. "The 2016 TiE50 Award is a clear validation from Silicon Valley's most premier investment community that we have all their pre-defined qualifying measures for success," stated a delighted Hari Thalapalli, CEO, CallHealth.

Another startup in the digital health space, NimbleHeart were also awarded with the prestigious TiE50 award. "NimbleHeart did not start as a business but as a solution for easy cardiovascular patient monitoring.There is an acute need for a patient-friendly, reusable, long term cardiac monitoring solution, that can also be used by women as easily as by men", expressed Sonal Tambe, CEO and Co-Founder, NimbleHeart. The firm developed dry electrode technology, which is validated by NASA and can be used by the patients in a convenient and re-usable way as gel or sticky electrodes are required for monitoring using NimbleHeart products.

TiE50 is an award conference dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship by recognizing startups with ground-breaking technological solutions such as a solution which facilitate worldwide customers in finding relevant technology solution providers across geographies and domains. And this is the exact forte for which Idea poke won this globally branded award. "We have developed proprietary software to gather technology information from various sources and structure the gathered data for easy search," stated Anup Sahoo, Founder, Ideapoke.

Neeraj Bhavani, CEO, Tagnos was immensely contented on being awarded with the TiE50 award. An EvoNexus and Cisco Entrepreneur-in-Residence program inductee, Tagnos was recognized for their vocation in offering a patented mobile engagement service to keep the immediate care team (doctors, nurses, family) update don the progress in a patient's health."Our focus is patient experience-to be able to optimize the flow of patients through different service lines and to improve visibility," explained Bhavani

Regarded as the pioneer of hyper-convergence, and a Google File System architect, Mohit Aron founded Cohesity in 2013.The idea of forming Cohesity came into being when a thought was bellowed by a tiny neuron from one end of Aron's brain to make the secondary data more valuable for organizations. Recognizing the value that the firm brings by building a web scale software foundation for secondary storage consolidation, they were awarded the TiE50 award. "Our solution eliminates the issues of fragmentation, inefficiency, and duplication, and provides a holistic secondary storage option to our clients," expressed a confident Aron.

Operating in the Cloud Space, TiE50 award recognized ZeroStack provides cloud functionality by using open APIs and a SaaS delivery model to enable companies to focus on applications and workloads rather than cloud infrastructure."ZeroStack enables private and hybrid cloud deployments with the point-and-click simplicity users expect from the public cloud, with the control and performance of a private infrastructure.

Delivering a solution that provides multi-vendor IoT interoperability and management is what made Cognito win the TiE50 award. "The solution integrates people, process, and policy, to eliminate application silos, scale to hundreds of thousands of things, and simplify overall IoT management," commented Kittur Nagesh, CEO, Cognito Networks.

OurHealthMate started as a platform for preventative care payment, and modified itself to health record keeper for users and their family. Recognizing this unique value that they add to the healthcare industry, TiE awarded them with the TiE50award. "We not only help users by offering a seamless payment and health-record keeping portal, we also rank hospitals on the basis of services, facilities and experiences," added Abhinav Krishna, CEO & Founder, OurHealthMate.

TiEcon Conference saw some of the world's brightest minds convening to share their stories and provide advice for up-and coming entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the market and make an a me for their organizations. Shantanu Narayan, CEO, Adobe Systems kicked off the event by informing the attendees, "It's a phenomenal time in the (Silicon) Valley to be a technology entrepreneur. There's more exciting innovation that's happening in Silicon Valley today and in the tech community than ever before." In the closing moments of the Santa Clara-hosted event TiE Silicon Valley president Venktesh Shukla took the stage to launch a new logo for TiE. "It is time now to give ourselves anew look by adopting a new logo," announced a proud Shukla, adding, "This year also marks our 25th anniversary. During these 25 years we have grown to where we have now 61chapters all over the world fostering enterprenuership." Indeed TiE with their TiEcon Event and TiE50 award recognition have given opportunities for the innovative start-ups to mark their presence at the technology epicenter. They have certainly made the Entrepreneurs to Dream! Change! Inspire!
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