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BizMerlin Unleashing ERM Possibilities with Cloud
si Team
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Today, the rapidly changing business environment requires the services organizations to do fast and real time resource management. A robust platform, which injects scalability and agility into the operations, is the best fit for in-time utilization of resources. Saving the day in such a scenario are cloud-based solutions that instill cost effectiveness, scalability, agility, anytime/ anywhere accessibility—helping to optimize the resource deployment. Gartner, a market research firm, highlights the potential of cloud and predicts that by 2018, at least 30 percent of service-centric companies will move the majority of their ERP applications to the cloud. Reston, VA based BizMerlin has been leveraging the power of cloud and striving to ameliorate the resource management experience since its inception. "We have never had a 'download' option, and we have never been asked for by any client and that goes on to show the adoption of the cloud in this very competitive market," says Dr. Amrinder Arora, CTO of BizMerlin.

BizMerlin's resource management solutions are hosted on the industry standard Amazon Web Services (AWS), using the same kinds of servers and services that are used to host Netflix, AirBnb, Intuit, Expedia and other cutting edge companies. "This gives us unmatched scalability and reliability," extols Amrinder. The application and database servers are available in multiple availability zones. The company’s offerings include the flagship core Resource Management solution that comes with Resource allocation and Resource Forecasting applications. Other products include Skill Matrix, Performance Management, Retention Management, and Financial Management.

BizMerlin's Resource Management solution assigns the resources in optimized manner and plays an important role in improving the organization's financial performance. "For appropriate staffing on a project, skilled resources need to be available and present in the geographical area where the need is," says Amrinder. The solution enables the users with visual grid to filter projects and resources by department, location, skill and other attributes. Using a combination of stochastic planning and dynamic programming algorithms, the solution optimizes resource allocations to maximize the overall utilization. It scans tens of attributes to alert the management about possible over and under allocations. "Our cutting edge Resource Management product is essential to consulting organizations that are striving to improve their bottom line," states Amrinder, "because even a small three percent change in the resource allocation can change the bottom-line by as much as 100 percent".

BizMerlin strives to provide holistic resource management platform and offers the resource retention in the same pursuit. "Over time, we found that our customers are spending a significant amount of time both predicting and preventing churn in their organizations," says Amrinder. The retention application helps the organization to reduce the attrition rate and cherish the best workforce.

The company strives to enhance resource allocation management experience with its cloud native solution. In one instance, a Fortune 500 leading home services player in the U.S., was riddled with the forecast accuracy and resource utilization. The client had also invested millions of dollars in a proprietary system over the previous five years. BizMerlin's resource management platform improved the client's forecast accuracy by approximately eight percent and overall resource utilization. The client registered improvements in the resource management parameters at the very insignificant cost due to the platform's cloud nativity.

The BizMerlin leadership firmly believes in creating value for the customers. BizMerlin's performance management product is used by customers to create goals, conduct appraisals and build an overall culture of positive feedback. As their CTO puts it, "That is the best compliment we receive, that we have not only improved an organization's bottom-line, but also helped their workforce reach new levels of performance, and build a healthy environment of positive feedback and recognition".
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