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Kiora Innovative Media Content Delivery
si Team
Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Over the years, cloud has been transforming the way enterprises manage and distribute information. Today, content distributors are increasingly relying on cloud to make their business easier and agile like never before. Kiora, based in Santa Clara, CA, provides secure and end-to-end content distribution solutions to low bandwidth domains. "We provide solutions based on micro cloud architecture to deliver and monetize content in environments where Internet bandwidth is either inaccessible or unavailable," states Prasad Sanagavarapu, CEO/Co- Founder, Kiora.

Kiora's Content Hotspots-a last mile connectivity solution-enables seamless digital content distribution through a customized app that delivers the content that they are looking for. Users can get access to content that caters to any particular user requirements within a limited demographical or geographical area. Unlike traditional CDN solutions, Kiora platform is designed to help users to cost-effectively offload data for premium videos via mobiles. The smartphone users can have absolute entertainment experience by opening the app, browsing and playing the digital content without the need for any other 3G bandwidth since the entertainment contents are offloaded into the micro cloud appliance. "We have built our own protocols and open methodologies that synchronize the micro clouds with back-end cloud on a need or continual basis to deliver uninterrupted entertainment experience to the consumers. More so, these managed micro clouds form a virtual CDN which is an alternate to existing CDNs" says Sanagavarapu.

Kiora delivers content distribution solutions under three verticals-inflight space, in-vehicle space, and education space. The company's In-Vehicle Entertainment (KIVE) solution facilitates content access during travel through a ready-todeploy appliance, which is about two-third the size of a credit card. This brings in an instantaneous VOD experience inside the cab/car.

Kiora's appliances come in three variants and they are consistently integrated with Kiora's backend cloud. The appliances also provide high-end security for content by enabling Marlin DRM (Digital Rights Management). Kiora innovatively transforms the way institutions educate their students from the grass-root level by allowing them to offer subject-related content through its Micro Cloud appliance (Nano), making learning effective and enjoyable for the students. "We monitor all the micro cloud zones so that we can identify network breakdowns and rectify it at the earliest so as to provide continuous content experience to the end-users," asserts Sanagavarapu.

By bringing replicated micro clouds as a delivery mechanism, the company distributes the content in a highly secured manner. The Content Hotspots these micro clouds create accelerate ROI of content distributors. For instance, in Nigeria, Nollywood film industry produces about 1000 odd films a year. It lacked a robust infrastructure and availability of appropriate digital distribution channels resulting in inadequate revenues. Kiora offered Content Hotspots licensed by Solo, a leading Smartphone manufacturer in Nigeria and are deployed as procurement venues at many retail locations in 10 Nigerian cities and towns. These hotspots delivered premium content to the mobile users which received a huge response from the end-users side. Within four months of deployment, the user base for Nollywood content raised considerably. This resulted in increased income for the content industry as the user adoption of paid content hiked.

Moving forward, Kiora is planning to add an IoT offering to its content distribution solution. "We will use the the micro cloud to not only distribute content but also as a IoT gateway to gather actionable data" concludes Sanagavarapu.

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