September-2015  - Special issue
Cover Story
Author: Anamika Sahu
Jewellery has been festooning human figures since time immemorial. Whether it is the yellow metal or the precious stones of any color, jewels have been the status symbol that describes the stricture to judge peoples wealth till date. more>>

In My Opinion

William Wagner - President & COO, LogMeIn
SaaS applications don't yearn for the deployment of an ample basement at the client's location, which eliminates or acutely... more>>

20 Most Promising e-Commerce Companies

si Team
India, with one of the largest customer base, has a tremendous amount of valiancy to welcome innovative conceptions, products... more>>
si Team
Miraz always canvasses discounts and deals every time while shopping online, but mostly gets distressed wasting a lot of time... more>>
si Team
Kavitha, a project manager, is busy setting up her new home along with her husband, an HR executive. However, their busy... more>>
si Team
A working couple finds it a nightmare to leave their infant at home unless there is a reliable nanny. more>>
si Team
Games of skill are considered as the most alluring elements which provide a platform to explore one's own capabilities. more>>
si Team
It is said that the direction of the wind cannot be changed but the sail can be turned to reach to a certain destination to... more>>
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One family, 12 countries, 15,000 kilometers and 99 days on freeways� a road-expedition of a family from Bangalore to Paris. more>>
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As per the forecasts, the Indian apparel market which was $41 billion in 2013 is expected to increase at a CAGR of nine percent... more>>
si Team
Do you find junk food alluring? It’s time for you to think again. According to a recent report by Healthline, the accretion... more>>
si Team
The commencement of every celebration is marked with a cake. Be it a birthday celebration, an anniversary, success or others,... more>>
si Team
What should I wear today? –is perhaps a typical question that rules every mind’s empire everyday and the quest of people to... more>>

CXO Insights

Rafiq Somani - Country Manager, India, ASEAN & ANZ, ANSYS Inc.
The rudimentary ingredient of engineering and its designing depend on the prototypes. But for a car, phone, laptop, rocket, and... more>>
Mukul Kumar - Co-Founder & Senior Vice President-Engineering, PubMatic
Looking at India now, it's hard to imagine just how slow initially the country was when it came to adopting the internet into... more>>
H J Kamath, - Senior Vice President, Zen Technologies
With India maturing as a regional power and aligning its focus on transforming into a global power, the defence sector is... more>>
Amit Walia - EVP & Chief Product Officer, Informatica
There is a fundamental shift in analytics and hence, security. The traditional data warehousing, which is reactive in nature,... more>>
Ravi Teja - VP, Global Consulting Businesses, Nihilent Technologies
Dynamic trends, complex markets, increased consumerism and homogeneity of products seem to ail enterprises across verticals and... more>>
Jei Narayanan - COO,, BlackPepper Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
The history of the semiconductor industry in India dates back to the mid1980s, when multinational giants from U.S. started... more>>
Neil Solomon - Vice President & General Manager, Kronos Incorporated
Today, technology has become a strategic enabler for organizations to streamline workforce management processes and enhance... more>>


Anamika Sahu
In an astounding finding, market research firm eMarketer projects e-Commerce sales to eclipse $3.5 trillion within the next... more>>
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