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Monginis: Reminiscing Happy Moments of Life with a Sweet Tooth

si Team
Tuesday, September 22, 2015
si Team
The commencement of every celebration is marked with a cake. Be it a birthday celebration, an anniversary, success or others, cakes are a must. They are catalysts that build up memories. However, the need of a cake may arise anywhere and at anytime. Hence, people required an online platform that will enable them to satiate their sweet tooth. In order to create sweet memories for people to cherish throughout their lifetime, more than a century old cake manufacturing brand Monginis previously owned by two Italian Brothers, taken over by the Khorakiwala family in 1956, started an e-Commerce portal after realizing this huge gap and the need of the hour.

The company that instigated its journey in the prime Fort Mumbai area opened up a chain of shops in various geographies of the country. Today, the company under its umbrella has 550 shops and12 manufacturing units in five states. Monginis – an occasion specialist, offers a wide array of shelf life packaged cakes such as bars, muffins and Swiss rolls as well. The venture also endows individuals with combo option that brings along flower bouquets or chocolates along with cakes, the much needed complimentary partners of cake.

With the vision to be an inevitable part of every festivity of Indian families and weave memories out of them, the company is an aficionado for cream of the crop cakes. All the savories made by the company are blended with love, care and affection and are customized as per the demands of people. Monginis manufactures bakery products ranging in more than 200 categories, all of which are excellent in quality and are reasonable in cost. “Other e-Commerce players in cakes are not manufactures but traders who have no control over their quality and customization of the cakes they sell. We at Monginis have no layers. Our rates are reasonable, we can take a hit to make sure the customer never gets affected,” asserts Zoher Khorakiwala, Head of Marketing Division & e-Commerce, Monginis. The venture’s persistent endeavor to push all boundaries for fresh and timely delivery of bakery products is the uniqueness that sets it apart from all its competitors.

However, with e-Commerce taking over the world, this cake firm faced many roadblocks during its refurbishment period when it had adopted online transactional method. The cultural change that came in with e-Commerce was the biggest tumbling stone initially. Convincing retailers to deliver products at customers’ doorstep and the size of the online industry were some of the other crunches faced by the company. Nevertheless, with a desire to embrace all the changes following extensive efforts of talks with different levels of trade, Monginis stands tall as the most premium confectionary in the country.

The Connoisseur in the Confectionary Arena
The credentials of the world-class service are given to the committed 30-membered e-Commerce team who thrive for customer satisfaction. The company does not believe in luring customers through short-term spikes such as offers, discounts and cash on deliveries. “Monginis will continue to focus on cakes as a preferred gifting option and make it big in the small niche this category has to offer. Trying to become an aggregator or sell other gift articles and discount coupons is not what Monginis is about. Monginis stands for Quality, Freshness & Consistency,” adds Khorakiwala. With this best delivery, Monginis envisions improvising its research and making sense out of the digital initiatives that it takes. It is also expecting a growth in the business between 50-100 percent in the upcoming days.
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