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10Kya: Offering All Round Services for Adrenaline Junkies

si Team
Tuesday, September 22, 2015
si Team
One family, 12 countries, 15,000 kilometers and 99 days on freeways� a road-expedition of a family from Bangalore to Paris. This quest would not have been possible without 10Kya.com�s support. With gear and wear sponsored by 10kya.com a family of four is currently on an arduous expedition from Bangalore to Paris by road.
10Kya.com, a one-stop-shop for adrenaline junkies, acts as the largest store for your passion like sports, adventure, hobbies, fitness, Photography and others. The company has enriched millions of Indians, who often crave for an exciting trip with exhilarating experience. Sharad Gupta, a passionate adventurer, left the comfort of 25 years of well-setup profession and started his own venture in 2012 in Mumbai. With initial challenges of non-tech background and website launch, Sharad and his newly recruited team set the stone rolling through hard-work. Startingwith listing 'Top 10' movies, books, items and places on the website, 10Kya transformed into an online store for electronic goods like mobile, camera and so on. Gradually, Sharad made it a 360� solution for adventure lovers. 10Kya has everything on sale or rental in the terms of gears and clothing and a choice of over 250 outdoor adventure activities.

The Passion Store
Beside gears and clothes, 10Kya also provides �last mile� (the final point from where people go for an adventure � trek, diving, rafting and many more) consolidation. Without pre-contact, most of the tourists often end up paying a higher rate without a choice of time. This e-corner bridges the gap between tourists and �last-mile� operators providing a pre-fixed, convenient date, time and rate.
Along with adventure coadunation, 10Kya offers equipments, cameras and almost all the gears required for the escapade on rentals and sale under its hood besidesencouraging peer-to-peer rental services of adventure apparatus (hiking, photography, warm-ware, tents, rucksacks and expedition impedimenta), so that jet-setters get an affordable pricing. To facilitate in selecting right gear in right place, this Mumbai based startup provides chat assistance to the customers who visit their website. Through assistance in appropriate selection, it offers anin-a-store experience to the customers.Amid extreme sports and photography expeditions, 10Kya encourages its employees and people to participate in photography workshops which they organize at a regular interval. A friendly environment at office, week-end karaoke and PS-3 games help the employees to be stress-free and focus on the upcoming challenges.

Enriching Future of Active-Human-Passion
Being a part of the sun-rise industry and an ever budding market of tourism and hospitality, �Extreme Sports�are not so well taken care of. Costly gear and lack of facilities at the adventure sites attracts negative experience on adventure sports. Providing a complete e-storesolution for this industry, 10Kya.com is set to be the Amazon.com of out-door travel products and AirBNB of Outdoor Tours. With the vision of listing all the activities including boating, yachting, diving, skiing, sky-diving, camping, trekking in 3000 cities worldwide, 10Kya will offer peer-to-peer and online rental services for the paraphernalia needed for these travel-sites. Sharad explains, �Our ultimate goal is to have customer-to-customer interaction on out-door activities, where customers rent their products, host other customers for adventure activity in their cities and many more�.
A mobile app through in-house developers and integrating map interface on the website is being launched later this month, Sharad and his team wants to include all active-human-passions � modeling, art and craft, gardening, music and many more. The founder also welcomes other rental-service providers to join 10Kya and for charter of the equipments. In the industry where loose strings push excitement away, 10Kya.com is a catalyst to revitalize adrenaline in human body and enlightening the path for an emerging by-industry.

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