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Live-Lived Fashion:The Fashion Abode where Innovation & Quality Grabs the Limelight

si Team
Tuesday, September 22, 2015
si Team
What should I wear today? –is perhaps a typical question that rules every mind’s empire everyday and the quest of people to stand out from the horde makes the question trickier.It is indeed true that the mindboggling numbers of fashion e-Commerce startups are untangling the Gordian knots of the rising expectations and are helping people to rejuvenate theirmundane shopping habits. However, in the race to innovate and top the business game of fashion industry, fashion startups often overlook the most critical quotient of their success stature – quality. But, a Kochi based fashion startup named Live-Lived Fashion Private Limited, on the other hand, has been instrumental in walking the road less travelled,and has already carved its presence in the hearts of many fashionistas who desire to make innovation and quality a part of their daily schedules.

The Torchbearers of the Excellence
Incorporated in 2014, Live-Lived is a proud venture of Vinu B. Krishnan (Managing Director) – a Rocket scientist and the architect of India’s twostage antiballistic missile defense system. Spearheaded by him, the leadership minds at Live-Lived always ensure that customers are kept at their paramount axiom, while also giving a touch of innovation to people’s wardrobes, thereby filling flesh to their tagline ‘A fashion brand not for the faint of heart’.The zero complaints recorded about the products till date testifies the same.What started with casuals and T-shirts is now rearing up to unveil its new revolutionary women-friendly innovation named AIELOWU pants (patent pending in major countries) – pronounced as I love you – and also to include semi-casuals, sportswear, fusion wears, undergarments, foot wears, cosmetics, bags and accessories to serve from its out-of-the-box offerings’ platter.Besides, the company also owns lucrative and customer-friendly schemes like Point and Referral systems, which make shopping hassle-free.
Providing a typical apparels has also helped the company to reach more traffic from abroad vis-à-vis India. Stood firmly on three core pillars of quality, innovation and zest to make the world a notch better, Live-Lived scrutinizes the premium fabrics to propel people select the best from them. Explaining the same, Vinu expounds, “We are really picky on the quality, suppliers and the fashion. We rigorously check the materials until we get satisfied and until we extract out the best from them”.The rationale to the success can also be attributed to the organization’sSilicon Valleywork culture, which encourages thefree flow of communication, which in turn has kept the team active and effective.

The Path to Success
Though Vinu’s zest of transforming the way fashion is perceived soon stood on the verge ofbeing a bootstrapped reality with firm support from his friends and family, incorporating his dream annexed a prolonged route because of the sluggish amending acts. Nevertheless, his undeterred effort quickly led himto establish a brand oriented e-Commerce company.Thus, with a box full of happy fortunes, Live-Lived is currently planning to make fabrics and fashion trendier which would be reflected in convenience and comfort at an affordable price. “Hailing from a scientific and engineering background, I feel that fashion industry is little stagnant in the realm of innovative materials. Thus, our next step will be innovations in materials,” added Vinu.
Poised for a steady growth, the platform is eying at VCs and Angels to embrace its first roundof investment. With its recent partnering with Snapdeal, Live-Lived has marked its presence ubiquitously in almost all e-Commerce fronts, which are mobile-friendly as well. While the firm is focusing on pushing its products to international markets, it is also planning to own subsidiaries in U.S. along with multiple franchise factory outlets, soon.
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