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JusTransact: Transforming the Retail Industry with World-class POS Solutions

si Team
Monday, September 21, 2015
si Team
It is said that the direction of the wind cannot be changed but the sail can be turned to reach to a certain destination to fulfill one’s dreams. This holds true even in the strategies of marketing to enhance sales. Especially in today’s evermore digital world, espousing a POS system can completely refurbish a business set up and reduce a whole host of day-to-day issues likeunrecorded sales and closely monitor the business functioning and work towards its improvement.Tragically there is a supply demand gap, wherein India has more than 15 million kirana shops, which are unable toaccess the solutions they deserve – whether it is hardware or software. Realizing this need of the economy, Bhaskar Venkatraman initiated his venture JusTransact.com, which caters to the needs of Indian retailers by providing superfluous POS solutions that keeps them at par with the technologically advanced global business arena.

Promise to Redecorate the Retail Market
The company began its journey in 2014 in Chennai as an online portal that just provided information about various POS solutions; but perceiving the colossal enquiries mounding from clients, the company transformed itself into a full-fledged e-Commerce portal offeringend-to-end,cost-effective yet quality hardware and software solutions around POS. Backed with 20 years of domain expertise, Bhaskar reached a new height by becoming the director of the country’s first e-Commerce portal that provided wide-ranging POS solutions to the retail market. The company provides lucrative solutions for over 15 categories of products ranging from apparels to hospitality and provides information about region-specific vendors who could cater to the needs of the clients.

Handholding Clients through Technical Wilderness
At present, JusTransact has more than 1000 POS technology products from 40 plus world’s leading brands. The venture, apart from offering an extensive hardware options to the retailers to renew the conventional transactional methods, also puts forwards a great deal of software optionsas a one-stop-shop for retail shop owners across India. JusTransact’s technical experts provide extended support to these retailers to revamp the functioning of their stores.

However, the venture during its preliminary days faced certain roadblocks such as creating awareness about the POS technology among the retailers, expanding its footprints in the country and employing the best talents out of the rest. With its relentless approach to educate Indian retailers about the importance of POS products and its applications, JusTransact has made a mark in the retail and non-retail sectors within the shortest period and would expand to newercategories such as currency counting machines, consumables, digital signage, and so on.

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