Growth at the Cost of Consumers Can Never be Healthy & Long Lasting

Anamika Sahu
Tuesday, September 22, 2015
Anamika Sahu
In an astounding finding, market research firm eMarketer projects e-Commerce sales to eclipse $3.5 trillion within the next five years. The web will account for 7.3 percent of global retails sales this year, growing to 12.4 percent by 2019. This has propelled the advertisers to spend an increasing proportion of their marketing budgets on Internet advertising, amounting to more than $58 billion spent on Display advertising. On the other hand, mobile devices will account to 40 percent of e-Commerce transactions globally as mobile apps focus has shifted to re-engagement. Apart from this, cross-device marketing is turning to be real and driving significant value for advertisers.
The brick and mortar retailers have started focusing even more on online strategies as we see startups entering the e-Commerce industry with very niche kind of services, for instance online tutor, booking your parking, finding doctors, maids and others, jewellery, ticket & hotel booking, real estate, mobile payment and several more.
Today, e-Commerce and mobile advertising go hand-in-hand. We can see a lot many e-Commerce entities acquiring companies in the mobile segment. For instance: Flipkart acquired WeHive Technologies, AdIQuity & Appiterate; Snapdeal ate MartMobi & Freecharge; Ola Cabs gulped TaxiForSure; and FoodPanda brought its biggest rival Just Eat India. Several others are still playing with their cards tight fisted. InMobi recently launched Miip, their discovery platform to transform the ad world altogether. No doubt, all are aiming high.
However, the growing market has ignored one of the eminent elements of the game � Security. This is why we get to read a lot about e-Commerce apps and website getting hacked every now and then. Growth at the cost of consumers can never be healthy and long lasting. Hence, it is imperative to first take a walk around the security measures and fix the loop holes and then grow both horizontally and vertically. While some of the companies have taken steps towards fixing the black hole, it�s time for us to wait and watch how it turns up.
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