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Salad Days: Changing Lifestyle through Healthy Eating

si Team
Tuesday, September 22, 2015
si Team
Do you find junk food alluring? It’s time for you to think again. According to a recent report by Healthline, the accretion in the consumption of fast food has advanced complications like obesity, abiding illness, low self-esteem and even depression. As per the report, fast food also affectsacademic performance of children. With increasing health perils due to excessive intake of junk food, people are making a shift towards healthy eating and willing to include organic foods and salads in their daily course of meal. But finding organic ingredients in this hyper-chemical farming era is equivalent to solving a mystery puzzle. Salad Days is the perfect place to vent this defy and since past one year, the company has been instrumental in changing the conventional idea of salads as side dishes and refurbishing them into the main course of Indian diet.
This Gurgaon based company offers a wide spectrum of handcrafted quality salads which are not just healthy but also filling and tasty, which comes in a quick configuration at practical prices. Founded by Varun Madan and Kunal Gangwani, who yearn to become dietary experts of the country, the company has an e-Commerce portal to serve a greater mass which would facilitate them to purchase vegetarian, non-vegetarian, fruit salads and organic cold pressed juices online. The duo feels that there is a large vacuum in the food and beverage (F&B) sector venturing online as it is mostly concentrated on technology rather than quality product, which is non-sustainable. “Everyone seems to be selling the same food at similar price points to similar consumer groups, but through different apps. It is very tricky to balance scale, quality and customer loyalty in online F&B space. Weopine that innovation around food is the key and while technology is extremely important, it is not the core,” says Varun. This is where the company stands out against all its competitors by stabilizing value and customer constancy.

Keeping quality as the prime factor, the company provides best-in-class salads and juices to all its consumers ranging from exotic fruits, vegetable, fishes, meat, and ingredients used for dressings. The venture sources the ingredients used from the dells of their origin. It also breeds fruits and vegetables in its own garden – Salad Days Garden, thereby providing a whole new experience to the consumers. This has enabled the company to emerge as the highest rated healthy food brand across Delhi NCR region.

Paving the Pathway of Glory through Success
The company cornered the market and reached the summit of success through small but revolutionary steps. It built a rapport of trust and loyalty with it customers through grand products and excellent customer experience. Salad Daysbelieves in the policy– do less, but do better. “This essentially means that we don’t want to be everywhere in terms of our menu/expertise/positioning and so on. We wish to be salad experts and top of mind recall for healthy food. There is no distraction in vision and there is a lot of fun in growing vertically than horizontally,” asserts Kunal.
They work with a talent pool of 33 experts who unremittingly thrive for grandeur and have immense fun as well. The success recipe that prevails in the company is that every work, whether big or small, is done without making any compromises. Acclaimed as an ‘honest’ brand by the customers, Salad Days envisions penetrating the Gurgaon market further and expanding its footprints in other locations of Delhi. It also foresees launching new product categories and its iOS application very soon.
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