December-2009 issue
Cover Story
Author: Jayakishore Bayadi
From Rs. 2.5 Lakh to over Rs. 100 crores in 10 years, Sanjeev Bikhchandani and Hitesh Oberoi have built India’s most cash-rich dotcom company, Naukri.com. It's a journey of passion and intelligence combined with luck. more>>

Guru Talk

Ganesh Natarajan
IT industry is vulnerable, however, our insight towards the IT industry growth as another growth story, make us forget the... more>>

Company Spotlight

Vimali Swamy
Meraevents.com is a unique web portal which provides important information of all the event happening in the city. more>>
Jayakishore Bayadi
CafeGadget is an online portal solely aimed to reach e-commerce population in India. more>>
Sikta Samantaray
With more opportunities emerging in the outsourced product development space in India, Rave Technologies wants to focus on... more>>
Eureka Bharali
FundsIndia.com allows financial investors to operate in the highly convenient online world that offered a variety of services... more>>

India Road Ahead

S Sridharan
The world economic slowdown has effected everyone, including Indian firms. But the worst is past now and its up to Indian... more>>
Shantanu Ghosh
In today's world, an original idea or innovation is the most important thing. Innovation leading to increased productivity is... more>>
Shouvick Mukherjee
India is no longer considered just a outsourcing partner but is now recognized as an innovation hub for new products and... more>>
Dr. Vivek Mansingh
Many companies are often confused whether they should go for global market or establish themselves in local market and this... more>>
Krishnakumar Natarajan
India has emerged as a major player in the global IT industry by demonstrating a tremendous growth in the last two decades. more>>
Subramanyam S
In the past, India has produced some very good entrepreneurs and the present ecosystem in the country can create many more such... more>>
Naresh Wadhwa
As the global economy shows signs of recovery, India with a lot of potential needs to be equipped to meet the demands and... more>>
Som Mittal
The Indian IT industry is growing despite minor hiccups due to recession. India has the opportunity to emerge as one of the top... more>>
Sandeep Dhar
In the retail industry one needs to consider innumerable factors that are dynamic in nature and can pose serious challenges, to... more>>
Pradip Dutta
Thousands of engineers are graduated every year in India. It is very important for these engineers to stay updated with the... more>>
Naresh Ajwani
Indian Telecom industry has become a success story for all countries. But would India be able to replicate the same success and... more>>
Nick Sharma
India has one of the largest labour pool in the world. As opposed to other countries India has more youths in the next... more>>
Keshav Murugesh
India has come a long way in the past two decades. What are the keys to its continued growth and success, and what role can we... more>>
Anand Kuliza
In order to achieve market leadership, companies should have agile DNA, which can help companies maximize opportunities for... more>>
Anupam Phuja
One of the strengths of Indian economy, which came to light during the past year, is the presence of a half billion strong... more>>


Bhaskar Bakthavatsalu
From sending fake mails to hijacking system for money, Cyber criminals are using advance technologies to earn more money. The... more>>
Subash BGK
The 'CTO-On-Demand' is an already existing concept – a term coined to address the IT consulting needs of SMEs (small and... more>>

VC talk

Mukul Singhal
With new startups being started by entrepreneurs, there are lots of opportunities for them in the B2B market, where the scope... more>>

Tech Tracker

Eureka Bharali
If you are one of those overtly rich iPhone users and have a fetish to stream Motion-JPEG files from the Web, then you may fall... more>>
Eureka Bharali
Unlike traditional security devices, which sit at a fixed drive waiting for a virus to chance upon it, ‘digital ants’... more>>
Eureka Bharali
10 months after Cisco's venture into the server space, HP has replied back through foraying into the networking turf, by... more>>
Eureka Bharali
Introduced around two decades back, HTTP fails to keep pace with the heavy interactive Web applications that each website uses,... more>>

Movers and Shakers

Sikta Samantaray
In his new role, Ram Chary will be responsible for accelerating the growth momentum of the company by managing the business... more>>
Sikta Samantaray
A veteran in the capital markets, Sandeep Presswala as the new Executive Director will be responsible for positioning Miles... more>>
Sikta Samantaray
An out-of-the-box thinker who likes to leverage strategic partnerships to create innovations, Mudit Khosla has recently been... more>>
Sikta Samantaray
Vijay Mehra has been recently appointed as the Executive Vice President and Head of Business Verticals in Patni Computer... more>>
Sikta Samantaray
INSZoom has appointed Anuradha Biswas as the Chief Operating Officer for its India operations, where she will lead the... more>>
Sikta Samantaray
Vinod Kumar has recently been appointed as the Country Manager of Integration Group (SIG), SWAFE Business Process Management,... more>>


Benny Thomas
Mospay offers mobile applications with which users can train themselves, before taking competitive entrance exams for... more>>

Tech Buzz

Zoya Anna Thomas
LinkedIn, whose user base in India runs more than two million searches per week has set up operations in India, and has hired... more>>
Zoya Anna Thomas
SAP AG, along with Arteria Technologies and MindTree, have worked jointly with developers at the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in... more>>
Zoya Anna Thomas
UST Global held its second ‘Retail Razzmatazz’ event this year the theme of which was ‘Customer Loyalty.’ more>>

Tech Product

Ojas Sharma
Elgato has launched a very small USB TV tuner card called EyeTV DTT Deluxe. more>>
Ojas Sharma
Apple has unveiled a mouse that will use multi-touch technology, allowing customers navigate using intuitive finger gestures. more>>
Ojas Sharma
Acer has launched its latest smartphone called neoTouch in India. more>>
Ojas Sharma
ViewSonic has introduced the VMP70 direct-connect media player, which makes it easier to enjoy full high definition 1080p... more>>


Ojas Sharma
Indian Animation and Gaming Sector has moved past beyond the stage of being only the outsourcing partners. With renewed... more>>

Woman Achiever

Zoya Anna Thomas
Having donned many roles, and led different teams under various capacities, CS Shobha is an exemplar of how one should lead a... more>>

People Manager

C Mahalingam (Mali)
Accountability is best when it is embraced by the line manager and not thrust upon. Managers who make things happen take... more>>

Engineer's Diaries

Sudarshan Kumar
Read about Sudipta Shekhar Dey,Senior Software Engineer at Accenture with 5 years & 2 months experience. more>>
Sudarshan Kumar
Read about Lakshmi Teeka, a Software Developer at Harman International (India) with 7 years and 6 months experience. more>>
Sudarshan Kumar
Read about Nithin Kumar B., R & D Engineer at Synopsys (India) with 5 years & 5 months experience. more>>


Jaya Smitha Menon
Many see recession as a time for spending less money and waiting for the tide to get over while there are others who see... more>>


Ojas Sharma
Few years back, funding from VCs was all that a startups hoped for and strived for. But now many startups have proved that... more>>

Editor's Desk

Pradeep Shankar
Progress has several other dimensions. Technological advancements should have a direct correlation to a nation’s progress as... more>>
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