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December - 2009 - issue > Company Spotlight

Carving a niche in the OPD market

Sikta Samantaray
Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Sikta Samantaray
Today, Indian IT has moved away from offering staff-augmentation services to global software market to software product development, testing and other challenging functions. And, outsourced product development (OPD) has become a major vertical. “When I returned to India after my college education at Cornell and work experience in Silicon Valley where I worked with AMD and Clarity, my passion was to continue working on cutting-edge technologies. I viewed software product development as cutting edge and hence Rave has focused on doing high end product engineering work for our clients,” says Anand Jhaveri, Founder and CEO of Rave Technologies. “Even before anyone thought about OPD (Outsourced Product Engineering) or gave it the now familiar acronym, we were already doing it.” Rave has come a long way in helping customers with product engineering and has acquired a deep understanding of the software product lifecycle and a deep domain expertise in product verticals like Human Resources, Accounting, Legal, Business Intelligence, Scientific Technical and Medical (STM) Publishing, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Social Networking (Web 2.0). Rave has an excellent grasp on the drivers and pain areas of ISVs through various stages starting from early stage proof of concepts through product roll-out, steady-state product maintenance and end of life product re-engineering. The service offerings are developed around these stages. “Our teams are purpose built and dedicated to user experience engineering, architecture, development, testing, maintenance and on-going support,” claims Jhaveri.

Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) is transforming the way traditional ISVs do business as providers of applications to the market. Rave has built expertise in harnessing the latest technologies with specialist technology teams for cloud, SaaS and SOA. The web is putting pressure on SaaS companies in non-functional areas like high numbers of concurrent users, quick response times, security, scalability, availability – 24x7 – (99.999 percent) uptime. Rave offers software performance engineering services to meet these challenges. The security consulting team at Rave, focuses on optimum implementation of web security standards such as OWASP and so on. With Mobiles getting smarter and powerful, the company offers services to harness the mobile features to make the software applications mobile-enabled on Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows mobile, Palm, and many more.

Rave Technologies has worked with more than 70 different ISVs globally to help deliver more than 250 product releases. Ensuring that the product it offers to its clients are of high performance, scalable and reliable, Rave delivers working software using Agile methods or the traditional Waterfall and Iterative methods, and is also concentrating on bringing the web experience for all kinds of users at par. Having been a niche player in terms of customer focus, geographies, technologies and delivery model since its inception in 1987, Rave is seen as a development partner rather than a vendor. Rave asserts its prominence through the focus with which it serves its customers. Commenting on its unique product strategy, Jhaveri says, “The values we deliver to our clients go well beyond cost reduction which includes improved operating efficiency, faster time-to-market, IP protection, knowledge retention, revenue enhancement; process improvement and of course enhanced scalability, reliability and performance of our client’s products.”

However, establishing a convincing position in the market with such a robust Web application to help consumers is not an easy expedition. But, Anand and his team managed to win over their customers by engineering the products in a manner which is far more responsible and empathetic. With its unique strategy and dedicated team of 350 employees, the company is confident about its future endeavors, which do not seem so far to achieve.
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