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December - 2009 - issue > People Manager

Accountability as Managerial Competence!

C Mahalingam (Mali)
Tuesday, December 1, 2009
C Mahalingam (Mali)
Even as we say ‘good bye’ to 2009 and say a welcoming “hi” to 2010, it would be a good idea for managers to introspect what went well for them during the year that is fleeting by and what should they do to contribute better in the coming year. The best complement for any manager is when his or her people say that he or she added tremendous value to their learning and success. From an organization’s point of view too, managers are perceived as most valuable when they demonstrate a high degree of accountability in making things happen. Hence, it would be a good exercise if we as managers reflected on our “accountability quotient” and prepared ourselves for doing better.

Scope for accountability:

Like with most management concepts, there is enough and more argument around the accountability concept itself. For better understanding, let me present some of the key deliverables a bona fide line manager should be accountable for:

*Hiring and building the team. Determining the hiring strategy together with HR/Talent acquisition teams and participating in the short-listing and selection process cannot be delegated to resource management or even HR team.

*Determining work allocation. Based on a clear assessment of strengths every team member carries to work, the line manager should allocate work and responsibility.

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