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December - 2009 - issue > India Road Ahead

Market Leadership with The Agile DNA

Anand Kuliza
Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Anand Kuliza
“The flexibility and speed with which organizations incorporate feedback is a measure of their capability to innovate and create economic value. Such organizations have the Agile DNA.”

Few companies define their stated objective to be: Catapulting customers to market leadership position. Because such a strategy requires intense focus and application of all creative energies of the organization to success of the customers rather than self.

When profitably applied, focus on leadership position of customers creates market-leading companies. The agile DNA strives to achieve exactly that by constantly helping companies maximize opportunities for themselves and their customers.

Maximizing Opportunities through Innovation

Markets forces change with time and so do organizations. Companies drive change or are driven by them. The changes can be slow and subtle or rapid and decisive. Companies need to be in a constant state of preparation to be able to set the direction of these changes or exploit new opportunities profitably.

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