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Meraevents.com: Events and Trade Fairs Information just a Click Away

Vimali Swamy
Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Vimali Swamy
In the age of Internet, it is still a humongous task to receive information on various events happening around one’s city. One can access information on any significant event or conference only through newspapers or magazines, or by phone call or email from the organizers. The participation time is either too short or the information available too less to enable important and timely decision-making.

Although websites do try their best to provide information on a given industry related happening, the key takeaway from them is inadequate, not consolidated, or sufficiently comprehensive. MeraEvents.com was launched with the singular purpose of filling this yawning gap. Naidu Darapaneni, Founder and CEO, Versant Technologies, launched this Web portal to provide an insider’s view on any events, conferences, exhibitions, or trade fairs coming up in India, making it the one stop guide for organizers, delegates, and service providers.

Launched in October 2009, the Hyderabad based MeraEvents.com is the first Indian Web based, end to end portal completely dedicated to events, conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs. From finding event information to registering for the event and allowing organizers to publicize the event, it offers many unique features attempting to enhance the possibilities for the end users. “Our Web portal is first of its kind as it provides easy to use and important information to the people connected to the events industry. Although other available websites do provide information on events around India, their focus is too skewed or narrow. So, this offers us the distinctive edge which is imperative to drive value to our customers.” says Darapaneni.

The idea to start a portal on events information struck Darapaneni when he returned from the U.S. two years back. Having started Versant Technologies (the parent company in U.S.) in 2000, he had planned to start the company operations in India. “I wanted to understand the Indian market in order to set up business here. The easy way to understand any market is through attending various industry related events. But the glaring information lapse on the Internet on events and trade fairs in India gave me enough fodder to build upon MeraEvents.com.” he explains.

The real challenge was to implement the idea and bring it into realization. We carried out an extensive market research, which revealed that on an average a professional attends 4-5 events in a year and in almost 50 percent of the cases, he usually comes to know of important and interesting events only after they are over. Awareness, if any, is created by the event organizers calling them up or by word of mouth.

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