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10 Most Promising Microfinance Companies - 2023
Microfinance: Investing in Hope, Cultivating Success Microfinance companies play a pivotal role in fostering financial inclusion by providing small-scale loans to individuals who lack access to traditional banking. These institutions empower entrepreneurs in underserved communities, particularly women, enabling them to start or expand micro-businesses. By offering financial services tailored to the needs of the economically disadvantaged, microfinance bridges the gap, fostering self-sufficiency and community development. This inclusive approach not only alleviates poverty but also cultivates a spirit of...Read More
10 Most Promising Mutual Fund & Financial Product Distributors - 2023
Mutual Fund & Financial Product Distributors Growing the Financial Futures Use of Financial Institutions: Financial institutions provide financial transactions and play as a mediator in economic activities. There are different financial institutions' roles which include monetary supply regulation, pension fund services, and the economic growth of a nation, banking services, and capital formation. Financial institutions help keep capitalist economies running by matching people who need funds with those who can lend or invest it. They offer a wide range of business operations within the financial...Read More
10 Most Promising Virtual CFO Service Providers ­- 2023
New Generation CFOs are Revolutionizing the Corporate World Working Capital is the life blood for any organization. This capital needs to be managed so that the company can endure in the whole industry without facing any constraints. There are few medium and small business organization where there is no financial team to keep track of the day-to-day business of the farm. These companies outsource C-suite financial officers or CFOs from outside on full time or part time basis to arrange and manage the capital of the company. Generally speaking, CFOs are the strategic head of the finance department, fully...Read More
10 Most Promising NBFCs in India - 2023
Aerial Props of Economy During the economic crisis of 2009, businesses across the world got stuck due to lack of finances. The main reason behind this was that the banks which provided finance to the businesses struggled to keep afloat. Relying only countable number of finance institutes proved to be a big regret for many entities. Thus alternatives are inevitable to transform economy’s savings into capital investment. Especially in countries like India, where there are huge gaps in credit availability, it was important to build more NBCS to help fill these blanks. NBFCs fulfil diverse financial needs...Read More
10 Most Promising Finance Outsourcing Service Providers - 2023
Finance Management-No Longer a Time Consumer Outsourcing has a number of benefits and forms a strong ally for business. Outsourcing eliminates employee costs, including National Insurance, pension contributions, employee benefits and statutory leave. It also eliminates the need for additional office space, IT equipment and software licences. Recruiting the best talents and training them with the latest rules and regulations can be time-consuming and costly. It removes the extra cost of training employees and companies will be provided with brightest talent from the outsourcing provider. Improved reporting and...Read More
10 Most Promising Stock Advisory Service Providers - 2023
Reduce the Risks of Investing in Stock Market Most of the youngsters after 4-5 years of getting job start thinking seriously of investing. While investing they try to some jugaads, were they expect they could make high returns within a short time period. There are many DIY investors among us. They would also blindly follow advices from friends or relatives and will end up in trouble. Investing in stock market is a complicated process and often managing stock market just based on information gathered from secondary sources like neighbours, investment gurus on TV, turns out to be a bad choice for such...Read More