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10 Most Promising Bidding Companies-2017
The common man is no stranger to the auctions and bidding. Thanks to the movies, bidding for him is synonymous to a man with a big baton literally threatening the poor onlookers with its ‘Going Once! Going Twice! Sold!’ However, in reality, the auctioneer’s job is not limited to make calls in a booming voice. They have to draft an agenda stating the auctioning of products, their credibility and their market value. Quite often people might try to dupe these experts and that would further escalate the process involved in bidding. Looking into the legalities and ensuring that the bidding...Read More
10 Most Promising E-Payment Services Provider - 2017
A tap of a button is all you need to resolve your payment issues. 'paytm karo' is today not only a jingle but one of the many practices that people are adopting to ease their payment anomalies. With the help of secured payment getaways and encrypted platforms, it is easy for customers to pay, send or receive money digitally and almost instantly. These payments platforms have also been a great boon for merchants who now don't have to scour for multiple ways to receive their payment. One tap of a button and you are sorted. E-payment is as easy as it can get. Referring to Ken Research,...Read More
10 Most Promising Taxation Service Providers - 2017
In the wake of GST, the entire taxation procedure and filing methods, though streamlined, nudged the sleeping taxpayers out of their long siesta who have negligible or no idea pertaining to tax filing and related agendas. Since tax filing is more than a thumb-twiddling activity, it goes without saying that an expert hand is required to understand the nitty gritty of the entire procedure and produce it in layman terms for those who are in desperate need of some clarity. However, assistance in tax filing is not only limited to GST. Earlier too, large amounts of tax for humongous businesses and tycoons were...Read More