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10 Most Promising Insurance Broking Companies – 2021

The Indian insurance industry, comprising of both life and non-life insurance, has witnessed significant growth in the past few years with the introduction of a wide range of advanced insurance products and services. The Indian life insurance sector offers around 360 million policies, which is the largest number of policies offered by any insurance sector globally. This is enough to confuse a lay man in making right choice. Thus, insurance brokers play a major role in the growth of the industry, as they make clients aware of the financial security they are getting through policies...Read More

10 Most Promising NBFCs - 2021

Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) have always been a vital cornerstone in Indian financial ecosystem.They are important financial intermediaries for channelizing savings and investments especially in rural areas for small scale and retail sectors as well as underserved areas and unbanked sectors. Being a more preferred option to meet credit needs owing to its low cost of operations provides NBFCs an edge over banks. NBFCs are playing a major role in fuelling the entrepreneurship growth of the country. They are a major finance support for MSMEs. NBFCs have become innate for...Read More

10 Most Promising Asset Finance Companies - 2021

Expenditures are always part of a business it can be either a sudden expenditure due to major defect or can be the need of the hour in business upgradation. For every capital expenditure businesses look out for such finance providers who cater the need of immediate funds without creating an internal clog in flow of funds. Asset based financing could be the best, quick and most flexible financing solution in such situation, which also provides further advantages like tax benefits. Traditionally the Asset finance was only for hard assets but today, it is available for both hard...Read More

10 Most Promising Online Financial Planning Companies - 2021

India's financial sector is undergoing rapid digitalization and online expansion. The emergence of fintech companies has disrupted the financial sector and wealth management industry. Finance is a complex subject and is Greek and Latin to even highly educated or elites in the society.  The money management and investment proliferation has always raised confusions among laymen. Earlier, people used to take friendly advices or consult agents, spending a portion of their earnings as commission. With the advent of technology, there has been a change in the whole landscape. Wealth management planning is...Read More

10 Most Promising Digital Finance Solution Providers - 2021

Last few years witnessed various financial inclusion programs from the government, taking banking to unbanked and under banked communities across the country through various moves like Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY), Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT), Atal Pension Yojana, and RuPay cards. This, along with digital literacy, has accelerated digital revolution in the country. Digital financial services were marred in rural India due to lack of trust in technology and inability to use smart phones. Being unable to afford smartphones and data recharges posed another problem,...Read More

10 most promising Microfinance Companies - 2021

Microfinance Companies are financial institutions that make modest loans to those who don't have access to traditional banking services. Small loans are defined differently in different nations. Microloans are defined as loans of less than Rs. 1 lakh in India. Microfinance organisations aim primarily to provide low wage borrowers with an opportunity to become autonomous. By providing loans to borrowers who fall under the BPL (Below Poverty Line) category, this sector plays an essential role in supporting equitable growth. This sector is also assisting rural women in obtaining modest loans at...Read More

10 Most Promising Financial Investment planning Websites - 2021

Planning investment is a process that starts when your financial goals and targets are clear. The financial planning method is designed to help you understand how your financial resources might be matched to your financial goals. Thousands of investments are available. Cash, stocks, bonds and property are the most often utilised. Each one has distinctive features and is generally supported by a smart investment strategy. The online investing platform refers to a software system meant to help users monitor their investment portfolios and seek new prospects for investments. The rise of the global online...Read More

10 Most Promising Virtual CFO service companies - 2021

A virtual CFO assists in ensuring that the finance and accounting teams produce accurate profit figures for analysing the organization's performance. It also aids in increasing income from both the top and bottom lines. They also provide SMEs with the chance to expand their business by opening up new markets. They also give a bookkeeping service that identifies and monitors the bookkeeper/compliant in order to provide accurate reports and evaluate the finding, offering knowledge to assist steer the boats in their direction. The impact is to see where, where and how your stakeholders may be focussed and...Read More

10 Most Promising Accounting and Book Keeping Providers - 2021

Maintaining correct accounting records is not solely a legal requirement, it's conjointly essential to the sustainability of your company. Correct accountancy can enable you to create informed decisions on expenditure, coming up with investments and controlling your income. Diligence is crucial and nobody desires to receive a sudden invoice which may have been caused by poor accounting practices.

Accounting plays an important role in running a business, as a result, it helps you track financial gain and expenditures, guarantee statutory compliance, and supply investors, management, and...Read More