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10 Most Promising Accounting and Tax Solutions & Services 2019
India's   diversified accounting & tax   sector   is  undergoing  rapid expansion, both in terms of  strong financ ial services and new entities entering the  market. With the increasing enterprises around, the sector has become intrinsically strong and operationally sundry. The industry today is predicted to earn revenues and also expand its employer base, thereby creating job opportunities for close to 500,000 people. Indian accounting and finance services   revenue has increased by 7 per cent due to expanding Indian business sector....Read More
10 Most Promising Digital Signature Services Providers - 2019
In today’s digital world, where data breach, fraudulent & authenticity of documentation are the biggest concerns for businesses, organizations & individuals, digital signature is playing a crucial part in meeting the important goals of information security. A digital signature help enforce security during data transfers and they’re mainly responsible for establishing authentication, data integrity, and non repudiation of documents. The digital signatures are now replacing the traditional signatures due to its ease of use, security, and verification by bank, governments and other regulatory...Read More
 10 Most Promising Taxation Services Providers – 2019
In the subcontinent, the industries are still striving hard to make peace with the yesteryear’s tax reforms. With the influence of goods and services tax (GST), the smaller businesses across the industries are getting the hang of the tax framework and accounting their finance internally. The Big Four firms are reportedly witnessing a slow deteriorating wave, which slides the opportunity-doorway a bit more for the comparatively more affordable boutique tax consultants, who could significantly customize their offerings and treat discrete pain-points of clients. On the other hand, technology is...Read More
10 Most Promising Online Auction & Bidding Companies - 2019
The wide usage of internet among people has clearly given a greater advantage to the e-auction portals, while pushing the traditional auction houses off the frame. Right from reaching-out to the most number of buyers to selling different assets for the best prices in the shortest time, the online auction platforms have made everything possible and also easier for people today. These platforms always stand at the forefront to offer full-fledged solutions to their clients besides the trust, reliability, integrity, transparency, and satisfaction they deserve. In fact, most auction systems in India are being...Read More
20 Most Promising Patent & Trademark Law Service Providers - 2019
Recently in the month of February, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s GIPC has ranked India at the 36th position in its international intellectual property (IP) index amongst 50 countries. India, in fact, moved eight places ahead in this index due to its burgeoning innovation ecosystem. This advancement can be attributed to the various reforms implemented by Indian policy makers that are clearly elevating and sustaining the innovation ecosystem. Yet there are a swarm of challenges associated with the patent eligibility and enforcement in India. The prime challenges include strict registration requirements,...Read More
10 Most Promising Accounting Outsourcing Service Providers – 2019
Today’s enterprises are experiencing greater expectations when it comes to financial transparency and government compliance. All too often, businesses are juggling day-to-day responsibilities alongside more complex and time-consuming tasks such as accounting, internal audit, finance, compliance and risk management. As a consequence, owners are left with no time/energy to spend on their key strengths. On the flip side, companies are under extreme time & cost pressure wherein they are expected to develop/deliver creative, advanced and original product/service/solution by continuously reducing costs and...Read More
10 Most Promising Virtual CFO Service Providers - 2019
Conventionally, every industry has been counting on the CFOs for the planning, enactment, management and running of all the financial activities. And since ages the Chief Financial Officers (CFO) have been structuring, strategizing and arbitrating business plans. The demand for such professionals had always been high but with the rapid augmentation of the small and medium enterprises the requirement further surged. But hiring a full time seasoned CFO is both onerous and expensive which can cost an arm to the small and medium companies (SMEs). However, in the recent years a new genre of professionals has come...Read More
10 Most Promising Financial Investment Planning Websites - 2019
Nowadays, financial independence is a primary part of our complex lives. Gone are the days when it meant having enough to tide over one's personal needs without really having to struggle. In the current environment, due to various reasons like a fast-paced life, job insecurities and high inflation rates, being financially competent in the present as well as the future has become prime focus for every individual. The process of investing empowers individual to grow, rather than maintain, their savings for greater financial rewards in the future However, it is widely observed that majority of individual...Read More