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Education Leadership Special – 2018

In today’s milieu of heightened expectations, educational leaders are in the hot seat to monitor teaching and learning vistas. Leadership, a term that earlier was associated with army, economy and politics, is currently incumbent and relevant to educational bracket. Seen as a campaign associated with long-term knowledge stockpiling and strategic implementation of it with experience time and again, education leaders are no more bootstrapped with managerial responsibilities. Besides being educational visionaries, instructional and curriculum leaders, the leadership they...Read More

10 Most Promising Preschools and Day Cares in Delhi-NCR - 2018

The child care system in India is going through significant changes. The concept of early childhood  development, which was once limited to the factors of health and nutrition has now shifted towards the development of cognitive and linguistic stimulation, stable and continuous care, and freedom from stress and conflict. Experts suggest that the first five years of life are a crucial stage for a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. When 80 percent of a child’s brain developing in the first three-five years of life, what parents and...Read More

10 Most Promising Preschools and Day Cares in Mumbai - 2018

The number of families with both parents employed is mounting up, creating an evergrowing need for quality child care. However, find- ing the right child care solution for your baby can be stressful and heart-rending, especially in cities where hundreds of day cares are emerging every year.

A good day care or preschool provides a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities, including cognitive and social development. For many children, it’s a transitional period. Particularly for a child, who has never had any other kind of...Read More

10 Most Promising Preschools and Day cares in Hyderabad – 2018

Creating a strong academic foundation, improving the social skills and overall development of the child are the main qualities that parents expect to get from a preschool or daycare center. A proper early childhood education can fortify the children’s desire to learn and besides, it would help them to lead a healthy social life for the future. While considering these factors, the safety provisions also pose a great concern among parents before they choose an early childhood education provider for their kids. As many disturbing news are coming up from various parts of the...Read More

10 Most Promising Education Institutes in Karnataka -2018

Nelson Mandela once said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’. Backing the statement, educational institutions are the ones responsible for creating dynamic leaders, entrepreneurs, academicians, researchers and professionals. Even though education in the nation is evolving at a great pace, the one area where India is still far behind developed nations is the quality of the education provided. Hence, to overcome this worrying scenario, universities and education institutions are now matching up the global education standards by...Read More

10 Most Promising Education Apps – 2018

With the increasing use of smartphones among the kids, education industry has grabbed this opportunity to cut through it to make the kids use smartphones for their betterment - education. While gaiming is one craze that the kids love on smart devices, educators now have transitioned their content and learning activities in the form of gamification via education apps to enable the kids to learn while they play. These education apps are not just confined to the students alone, but are helping bringing and aligning the stakeholders (parents, students and teachers) together. This is...Read More

20 Most Promising Overseas Education Consultants – 2018

Overseas education is a dream of many Indian students and parents; and overseas education consultants help students and parents turn that dream into reality. There is no dearth of overseas education consultants in today’s society. But selecting a right consultant is a big challenge for many. A lot of consultancies will promise the service, charge a huge amount of consultant fees and then will disappear or walk away in between.

In order to convert our students’ overseas education dreams into a reality, students and parents will need...Read More

10 Most Promising School Essentials Manufacturers & Suppliers - 2018

Education is often described as the passport for the future and to ensure proper education is received mind and body must be ready first. As quoted by the Teacher Training India, ‘Education is the cultivation of a first legitimate familiarity between the mind and the things.’  Hence, for the successful working of a school or a college , proper amenities like set furniture for classroom, library, laboratory , office (administrative, principal & chairman suite), retail stores and equipments as the reinforcements for education are essential to make learning a...Read More

20 Most Promising Preschools and Daycares in Bengaluru – 2018

Many Working Moms Have To Rethink Of Their Jobs And Career In The Need Of Providing Care And Attention To Their Children. It Was In This Context That Daycare Centres Began To Sprout Up In Many Cities Where Both Parents Are Bread Winners. Although There Are Many Excellent Childcare Options Available Like Nannies And Babysitters, But Daycare Turns Out To Be The Best Option. It Gives The Child An Opportunity To Develop Social Skills In A Nurturing Environment Outside Their Homes.

A Well-Maintained Preschool Or Daycare Can Mould Your Children's...Read More

10 Most Promising AI Training Institutes - 2018

Google CEO Sundar Pichai once proclaimed the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to be ‘more profound’ than the impact of electricity or fire. Today, artificial intelligence dribbles into our day to day life with so many useful features such as calculating the estimated arrival time and pricing of your Uber ride, your recommendations on Spotify, Amazon and more. The McKinsey Global Institute predicts that AI could create between $3.5 -$5.8 trillion in annual value globally each year. AI’s potential impact is still questioned about its soft skills generation like creativity, global...Read More

10 Most Promising Air Hostess Training Institutes - 2018

Since 2015, the civil aviation industry in India has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in the country and the domestic passenger traffic grew YoY by 18.28 per cent to reach 243 million in FY18. Foreseeing the rising demand in aviation industry, Indian government plans to invest $1.8 billion for airport infrastructure along with the development of navigation services by 2026. There are opportunities galore in the aviation sector and private companies are hiring more staff year by year as they require pilots, flight attendants, maintenance workers and more. In order to cater the rising demand,...Read More

TOP Engineering 100 Colleges in India - 2018

India has been heralded as the epicenter of education and the ancient universities of Nalanda, Vikramshila and Ujjain stand as a testament to this Golden Bird’s millennia old tryst with education. However, with the shift in ideas and beliefs of quantity over quality, the benchmark has gone down drastically leaving a gaping hole in the Indian education system, especially the one reserved for higher engineering education. However, not all hope is lost. With the introduction of new research based pedagogy in contrast to the ‘rote learning’, the Indian engineer can...Read More

Top Universities in India - 2018

Indian Education system has a global facelift now. For instance, since last few decades IISc has been making headlines by engaging in plethora of innovations like water purification at a nanoscale level, solar water purifier, a non-hazardous stain for scientists, with an aim to make them available to the nation with affordable ratesAbove mentioned facts prove that Indian education is on the right track and the studies say that by 2030, India will be amongst the youngest nations in the world. The objective of this research is to assist students and parents make smart and informed...Read More

Best Hotel Management Colleges - 2018

Atithi Devo Bhava - A Guest is Akin to God, has been one of India's oldest beliefs, emphasizing on the importance of hospitality in our society. With the recent tech inventions and changing mindset of the millennial youth, the Hospitality & Hotel Management industry has transformed into a matured, organized, and is one of the most sought-after fields to pursue a career in. As per a recent survey by Zion Market Research, the global hotel & hospitality management market which was valued at around $2,800 million in the year 2016, is expected to reach $4,300 million by...Read More

What if Not IIMs B-School Survey - 2018

A plethora of institutions today offer management education. Of lakhs of young Indians who appear for the entrance exams, only a handful of them make it to the top institutions like IIM. However with the increase in awareness with respect to the academia, post graduation is no more a forte of the handful and this is where, management schools, save from the IIMs come into play, offering the niche management studies but with a different twist so that the students not only read but duly understand education. Previously, management studies spelt overseas education that in turn...Read More

20 Most Promising Nursing Colleges - 2018

While most stories and movies glorify the contribution of successful doctors, people often forget the helping hand and contribution of the tireless effort put by nurses that make the entire circle of a medical treatment complete. Nurses are supposed to understand the medical terminologies as well as the doctor and go a step beyond by helping the patient with their regular chores like a friend or a family member. Helping the society benefit from the selfless efforts of these medical professionals are the nursing colleges and educational institutions of the nation, contributing...Read More

20 Most Promising Medical Colleges - 2018

Medical advancements are every day creating new records, shooting through the sky and bringing human lives closer to easy and long lasting cure. There are speculations about immortality and though a fascinating subject, it requires a huge amount of medical expertise. Though this idea might seem a bit too farfetched, we are closer to a major break through that can cure current chronic diseases like cancer, AIDS and many more. Medically neglected areas in the under-developed and developing countries are now getting the much needed medical attention. All these ideations are possible...Read More

20 Most Promising Healthcare Training Institutes - 2018

In the recent years, there has been a severe shift in the healthcare paradigm. Each day brings in the new technology and new health ideations, rendering old ones redundant or less effective. As no machine can replace the touch of a human hand, it is imperative that healthcare professionals are guided with proper understanding and resounding ethics that only help cure an existing ailment but arm the society with the power to prevent the issue as well, keeping it the human realm’s bay. Healthcare training institutes play a poignant role in bringing forth this revolution in...Read More

20 Most Promising Architecture Colleges - 2018

Since time immemorial, architecture has been one of the greatest pillars of the society, amalgamating science and art into a beautiful blend that has been going on for centuries. The famous architecture of the Cholas Empire continues to adorn the temple towns of Tamil Nadu while the millennia old Mughal masterpieces demand admiration and awe from the people today. Architecture is like a perennial river that will never lose its grandeur but will continue to grow in elegance and technology, creative infrastructural marvels like never before. The famous Burj Khalifa stands as a...Read More

20 Most Promising PMP Training Institutes - 2018

Not so long ago, Harvard University came across the Tiffin distribution concept of the Mumbai Dabbahwallas. While these humble workers were just doing their jobs, what they didn’t realise that they were working under a highly methodological system rendered as one of the most astounding form of Project Management skills, portraying heavy influence of acute managerial skills that are usually taught in classes in form of Six Sigma Lessons. Believe it or not, project management is ingrained in our daily lives without which it is impossible to embrace the daily notions of life,...Read More

10 Most Promising Educational Websites for Kids - 2018

The scope of Indian education sector is mounting towards astonishing heights. According to the 2011 Census, India has more than 200 million school-going children, constituting one-third of the total population and in the case of School enrolments, the numbers have been steadily improving over the years. But what endangers Indian education system is the low level of learning outcome. The problem of low level of learning outcome has grown at an alarming stage; according to The Annual Status of Education Report-2014 by non-governmental organisation Pratham, only 25 per cent of...Read More